Exopolitics; Insight.

Exopolitics; Insight.

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Intertwined with exotic-technology inkling analysis from Crop Circles, Exopolitics is the emerging field of study of the implications of possible contact between Earthlings and Outer Foreigners (Extraterrestrials)

- The word “Exo“ (from Greek) refers to the exterior,
the outer, the external part.

- Politics (from Greek) is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions. Applied to behavior within civil governments, It refers to the regulations, methods and tactics used, and to formulate and apply policy relations with other entities (Nations).

The expression “Exopolitics” assembles the general guidelines and behavior of executives, as Earthling Representants, for conducting relations (communications) with Outer Foreigner Representants.

The first step is to establish those guidelines, regulations, methods, articles and axis of discussions. However, actually we have no basis on which to establish those in the first place. What subjects would be relevant talking about with them? Besides, who is going to speak for earthlings? Who could communicate in the name of our entire population? Who would be rightfully endorsed to act as Earth Civilization Ambassador? Obviously, this is putting the carriage before the horse. We are getting way ahead of ourselves on that issue right now.

- The protagonists

It is absolutely evident outer foreigners are superior to earthlings. They are more advanced than we are in technology and psychology. They are utilizing means and methods that are difficult for us to comprehend. Therefore, the primary task before us is to try and grasp what type of civilization we are encountering. We can do that by using science for interpreting notions and principles that are emanating from their vehicles, and from the close operations they are performing. From that angle, there is quite a lot of information since 1947. This is the work I have done drawing The A.M.V.C Model (ethnological model). Based on empiricism, it portrays humanoids anthropological evolution that might have occurred on a planet, in a distant solar system. As an acceptable probability, this model or prototype presents a valuable template for a starting point. We can get an idea of why and how they are busy here. A reference table for outlining pertinent questions and inquiries. For analyzing their position, their organization, their system (Regime), even their culture, and to experience the gap between our civilization and theirs. This procedure is fundamental for being able to lay down articles and axis of discussions prior to defining any type of communication.

The same kind or work should be done about us earthlings also. What are the common points between all the ethnics and cultures on our planet? What are our most advanced technologies? What are the predominant activities our people is involved in? What exactly is our position, as a civilization in this totally new context of interplanetary relation? What are we aiming at in the evolutionary progression? What is our goal? This interrogation about ourselves is absolutely essential because it is perfectly understandable they will not be interested in exchanges, stocks, and markets. We have no energy resources to offer, no exceeding nutriments inventory, and no technology to submit. In fact, it is more than likely any interaction would be established on much different basis. From what we can see in the 70 years history of the modern phenomenon (1940 - 2010), they do not need a thing from us! If they do, they go ahead and pick it up themselves (maybe various samples or mineral ions). Their usual activities can be assembled together into some kind of Close Operations, and regarded as parts of an advanced planetary sociology program. Monitoring, probing various layers of our societies, infrastructures and institutions.

Once both civilizations and positions carefully examined, we need to outline several elements that would be suitable for establishing a communication on. A purpose which somehow will be interesting and valuable to the entire population on our planet.

- The Method

Activities pertaining to this project should not be held in secrecy.

Outer Foreigners themselves made it perfectly clear they will not act in concealment. By refusing to utilize the electromagnetic waves (SETI), and by continuing to set up Crop glyphs right beside the Chilbolton antenna, it is unmistakable they wish to communicate openly. Since they have the hand at all times, there are criteria we must comply with.

I think it is accepted this is the method to be utilized for communicating with them. Technical and coded glyphs, set up as Crop Circles next to and around those they draw themselves. This has been undergoing for a long period of time (at least from 1980). And the attention is already there.

Of course, we will be learning a lot while proceeding further into communications. Still, initial guidelines should be defined.

An official structure should be set up and established as the Organization or Comity being responsible for the Communication Program. Under what existing legal entity would this group be constituted? The U.N.? The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC)? The European Union?

For example, The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) is an office responsible for promoting international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space. In reality, it is slowly creating a system of laws promoting the exact same system existing on the Earth (legal property and exploitation of resources).

Honestly, I think none of these organizations carries humanism principles, and none speaks for everyone on the planet.

On the other hand, the Transnational Institute (TNI) was established in 1974 as an international network of scholar activists and researchers committed to critical analyses of the global problems of today and tomorrow. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, it aims to provide intellectual support to movements struggling for a more democratic, equitable and environmentally sustainable world. Throughout its history, it has always endorsed and helped grassroots movements. It brought together and catalyzed many networks. From national liberation movements in 1970s and 1980s to those comprising the global justice movement more recently.
Thirty-five years on, TNI’s founding spirit of engaged scholarship in the service of progressive, transnational social movements remains as lively as ever. Its foresightedness, capacity to produce high calibre research materials for popular and official audiences alike, and its credibility with the important movements of our time makes it an exceptionally valuable institute, think-tank and public resource in the field of humanism.

Maybe this is the kind of organization under which a Comity responsible for the Communication Program With Outer Foreigners could be constituted! It would benefit from independence, autonomy and a network of specialists in all essential fields worldwide.

- The resultants

The public should be aware and even participate in the redaction of particular messages. Responses should also be made public, maybe by sending it to several renown Newspapers.

Problems will certainly arise between Nations on our planet. Some will probably try and operate on their own. A consensus will be difficult to reach and to maintain. As the program will progress in time, many will eventually join up. Beforehand, judicious efforts should be made for establishing the Comity on solid grounds right from the start.

The impact on our population is a very important part of this project. Consequences should be anticipated and pertinent reactions must be implemented in the public relation network. While most people are open minded and even anxious toward some kind of “contact”, many might experience serious and unexpected difficulties afterward. Cultural background is an integrated pattern of knowledge that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning: Adaptation is crucial. When confronted with drastically different pattern, the cultural shock is a reality of major importance.

Dedicated efforts should be made for constructing and testing appliances from technical information received as responses or communications. This part of the program is of major importance because it translates into concrete applications the information from communications. We are already receiving a considerable number of technical inklings, clues and suggestions embedded in Crop Circles. Then it is likely we will receive more. Efforts we make in applying those devices and principles will certainly be monitored and regarded as genuine attempts for improving our situation. A team of scientists and technicians should be put together and encouraged going further into that direction.

- Conclusion.

In general, a Communication Program With Outer Foreigners (by means of Crop Circles) and a Comity supervising it is certainly a pertinent project. One that may reveal itself considerably more significant than we can anticipate at this time. This has the potential of opening creative domains of activities for decades ahead. However, it is also equally serious and it has important repercussions, both immediate and afterward. There are essential steps to follow and I have outlined here those I consider fundamental.

Once an official Comity is constituted, and representants are selected and assigned,
internal organization and network is set up,

- The first phase is to examine both civilizations, and draw a picture for allowing to identify prominent elements which will form a basis on which to establish communications. We have many statistics on our own civilization. Outer Foreigner civilization can be analyzed from an anthropological model reflecting circumscribed probabilities, as an initial reference point.

- The second phase is to take the prominent elements and to write guidelines, regulations, methods, articles and axis of discussions.

Then, the Communication Program With Outer Foreigners (by means of Crop Circles) will be equipped for beginning operating.

I think it is imperative to act now. Because the communication is already effective from their part. Discussions about the reality of the phenomenon is irrelevant. One needs to be blind for not recognizing the unique opportunity in history our people is encountering! We must get at this right now, we will adjust with the responses we get.

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Outer Foreigners Vimana

I find it absolutely fascinating to analyze how the pilot is reacting and operating, by examining carefully the movements of the craft (vimana).

No doubt they are monitoring a large part of the sector while in flight, because they are responding to people utilizing a video camera (adjusted positioning). Often times they slow down and change course. When the event is more or less isolated and the subject/witness is calm enough, the pilot maneuvers the vimana toward the camcorder. More than that, they operate in function of what is in the viewfinder! The movements the craft makes shows clearly the pilot is able to actually see what the cameraman is seeing. To do that, one of their sensor-rays are tuned to the video signal inside the camera, between the CCD pick-ups and the viewfinder monitor. It picks up that signal and displays it on a screen inside the vimana for the pilot to look at it. With that, he can move his craft slowly to the left waiting for the witness to pan and follow. Then he does the same to the right.

Example (adjusted positioning):
See the video at the end of this text.

Moving very slowly or just standing there for minutes while being video recorded shows how much they are in control, they have the hand. Both takes showing them vessels accessing mass inversion state and disappearing to our visual senses (wavelengths) are certainly intentional. Like would do a movie director, they wait precisely the moment when the shot is perfect: not too far, not too close, in focus, the camera not oscillating, quite standard framing.

A laser beam is reflected by the topology of the site, or by any object. This could be utilized for mapping an area like our satellites are doing on planets. However, outer foreigners have much better means for that purpose. Depending on the changes in wave length to the reflected part of the beam (returned signal), they can be measuring components in the soil and vegetation. It is always difficult to discern what it is exactly they are probing and recording because we do not perform those types of operations. When the laser beam flashes bright on the camera lens, it means they are directly pointing at it. Again, they know they are being video recorded and they let us know that. This is a form of interaction!

Of course with their technology, they could avoid being spotted and always remain hiding or leave long before anyone comes near. Being perfectly aware outer foreigners are totally allergic to sudden unexpected occurrences, unforeseen outcomes, I do understand they have a natural tendency to control and to plan everything down for reducing the number of probabilities. Thus, the real video shots are voluntary contributions from their part.

Since real occurrences happen unexpectedly (on the witness part), the camera does not stand on a tripod. The image is severely unstable (even more when zooming very close). But the “object” itself is perfectly stable on the picture frame. The three (3) dimensional positions and environment: the Background (clouds) always remain behind the “object”, the Foreground (trees) always remain before the “object”, and therefore, the Object location is consistent. Because the “object” is a vessel, it has a Mass and an Inertia. Regardless what kind of propulsion is utilized, it has to struggle with the mass. This means a vessel can not stand nor translate at low speeds absolutely motionless. Especially while hovering. Constant adjustments has to be applied (compensations), no matter how small they are. Piloting these vessels is like operating a helicopter, which is inherently unstable, except theirs is done by computers. Therefore, the “object” oscillates slightly up and down, and to the sides. Because the camera is unstable (sadly), this is often times difficult to discern, though it is always there. Also, the vessel will bank a little right and left, and readjust regularly as if it was trying to stay horizontal on a needle. This attitude is very different than an object being suspended by a string (on the top), the oscillations would be inverted. The inertia is the tendency of an object (mass) translating to keep on moving in the same direction. It can be seen as a “resistance” to change its direction. A vessel at low speeds will show a curve as it is modifying its trajectory (turning) or its altitude (up and down). It will not invert suddenly its direction of translation. Translation at ultra-high speed is very different. And since it requires advanced technological details, lets only consider the transition from low to ultra-high speed, and vice versa. When a vessel suddenly changes to ultra-high speed from slow speed, it goes away in a straight line or a constant curve, and its size reduces correspondingly to the distance. The disappearing (fading out) of the vessel is very laborious to explain as well (mass polarity inversion). Lets only consider that there must be no alteration to the image (frames, pixels), like pasting and erasing. The pixels definition remains unaltered. And since the electromagnetic effects are affecting the camera pick-ups (CCD), it is adding to the confusion. [This is the reason why films (no CCD) are the best] Finally, the “faint halo” surrounding the object shows a rotating composition. I know what direction a current is going inside an electromagnetic field, this is pure physics, thus the rotation has to correspond with that. These five (5) elements are extremely difficult to simulate. Only huge complex computers (like those utilized in weather forecast) could model all these at the same time, in a manner that it would be practically impossible to sort it out. And these are not available to freaks (hoax creators)!

Video shots of real outer foreigner’s vimana and probe are very rare. Only expert’s eyes can spot those among the vast quantity of hoaxes. To the best of my abilities, only those I suggest here are presenting each and every characteristics to real outer foreigner vimana.

A- Display of presence (China):

B- Responding to a cameraman (Milan):

C- Observing (France):

D- Just being seen (Argentina):

E- Display of presence:

F- Responding to a camera (Texas):

G- Caught probing a site (Italy):

H- Playing with the cameraman (Glasgow):

I- Display of presence (Nan Jing):

J- Transiting (Sarajevo):

K- Surprising the people (Bosnia):

L- Examining a building:

M- Laser-Beam (2010):

Addenda -[DataJY]- © 2011.
Since several communications (email) have been questioning how such a vessel could be piloted, I am publishing here my general response to that (For more details, see: The A.M.V.C. Model; Electromagnetic Field Drive Vehicle section).

Vimana craft Controls.

From a pilot’s point of view experienced with both fixed-wings and rotary-wings aircrafts,
Understanding the inherent dynamics in the EM Field Drive mechanism (electromagnetic properties: attraction/repulsion) and considering Maxwell’s equations,
Considering Lieutenant Plantier’s description,
In accordance with numerous accounts from witnesses,
controlling a vimana craft is very similar to operating an helicopter.

Though basic principles are extremely different in their nature, both results are similar: the main propulsion force acts downward directly below the craft.

- The helicopter has horizontal blades (horizontal plane) and its clockwise rotation creates lift (pushing downward). The rotation of the blades (horizontal plane) is maintained at a particular speed, which does not change. Adjustment to the blade's angle of attack (AoA) modifies the strength of the lift (pushing downward) so the helicopter climbs up, holds level altitude, and descend. Changing the angle at which the horizontal blades are turning on the axis (its plane), its inclination or tilt determines the direction of translation to the craft. When the horizontal rotation plane tilts forward, backward, to the right or left, the helicopter moves to the same direction. Because of the inherent inverse rotation reaction on the craft from the horizontal blades turning at high speed (the craft tends to rotate counterclockwise), there is a set of blades positioned on a vertical plane (to the back) for compensation to this rotation reaction by adjusting the blade’s angle of attack. Also, adjusting these vertical rotating blades makes the helicopter turn right or left more precisely. Thus, there are three main controls: 1- The Lift (Collective, or up and down), 2- The Direction of translation (Cyclic, or direction by tilting the entire craft), 3- The Compensation to the counter-rotation (Anti-Torque or pitch of the tail rotor blades).

- The vimana (coil-like mechanism) has a circular particle accelerator (like a ring) around a central pole and rotation of particles creates a miniature magnetosphere that reacts with any local magnetosphere (repulsing: pushing downward). The speed of the particles in the accelerator must be constant (light speed, electricity) for maintaining the miniature magnetosphere. Because the repulsion force or effect (acting downward and pushing upward) is constant by definition, a Damper-screen is positioned below the vimana craft. It functions like a diaphragm in a camera, but its diameter is adjusted rather than its aperture. This Damper-screen is acting as an attenuator to the repulsion force, it reduces its effect (damping) where it is positioned. When the vimana craft is on the ground and the particle accelerator is powered, the Damper-screen is set to its wider diameter (below the craft) and its attenuating effect is the strongest, so the repulsion effect is totally suppressed. Reducing the Damper-screen diameter allows more repulsion effect outward (below), so the vimana craft lifts up. Maintaining this configuration makes the vimana hold altitude. Sliding the Damper-screen forward allows more repulsion effect backward, the entire vimana craft tilts toward the front and translates in that direction. Because the repulsion effect is not centered under the vimana anymore, the intensity directly below is weaker. For maintaining altitude, the intensity of the repulsion effect must be increased, so the Damper-screen diameter is reduced a little more for compensation (increasing the repulsion effect below the vimana craft). Maneuvering the Damper-screen diameter (degree of attenuation) and position (direction of repulsion) under the vimana craft allows to control its attitude and speed. Thus, there are two main controls: 1- The Lift (Damper-screen diameter, or up and down), 2- The Direction of translation (Damper-screen position, or direction by tilting the entire craft). Compensation to the counter-rotation (Anti-Torque) is not required. This mechanism is acting like a gyroscope, it makes the overall structure of the vimana craft (nose) follow the direction of translation. However it can be made to rotate on itself (yaw) independently.

The major difference between an helicopter and a vimana craft is the effect of movement (translation) being applied to the entire content of the vessel (matter, on the atomic level). Everything that is situated inside the repulsion effect (miniature magnetosphere or repulsion field) moves together. Whether it is the structure, the passengers, cargo or equipment and stuff, everything moves the same way at the same time. Therefore, there is no difference between the force of gravity (resulting from acceleration and deceleration) acting on the vessel and its content. Also, the vimana craft is entirely automated (computerized), very little “human input” is required.

The above explains the very basics. Vimana craft (coil-like vessel) has many more properties (physics and plasma physics) allowing for its complex versatility. Those are more technical, they are explained in Maxwell’s equations and other works referring to electromagnetism.

Outer foreigners vimana is an outstandingly intricate vehicle, and to realize all its capacities anyone would be totally mesmerized (beside all technical instruments it is equiped with). Personally, I have the utmost admiration toward that vessel and its designers.

On the other hand, I do consider the greatest technological achievement earthlings have ever made (before the computer) is the helicopter craft. Sikorsky's design was so advanced he had to wait 20/30 years for the industry being able to actually manufacture essential elements for constructing the helicopter. Though limited in speed, this craft is inherently made for humanism purposes. Number of lives the helicopter has saved is unmatched. This is one thing earthlings can be proud of.

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What are they working on?

In addition to discharging flashes of light (light radiation), lately Outer Foreigners have been seen releasing "things" into the atmosphere. Some are streams or groups of spheres (acting like Brownian motion) and segments of material (Wiener Sausage), others look like flares.

What could these things be for?
Those "flares" are certainly producing a chemical reaction of some sort. The flare itself is a chemical reaction. What are they reacting with? Or why are they reacting? What is the result of that reaction? Are they sweeping the atmosphere in some ways?

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