Outer Foreigner Civilisation

The A.M.V.C. Model
Scientific Conceivable Model
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In the emptiness, we get lost. In the free for all, everybody goes with any suggestions, often times, not based on any scientific facts. Or, shall I say, without any realistic basis. We know absolutely nothing about Outer Foreigners. We do not have any reference point. However, we have to start somewhere. The idea is, to understand what is happening in an upper level that we do not have access to (yet) but that do concern us (and our descendants), we must forge something plausible (first) with all the knowledge that we know, that could help us comprehend (as far as we can) their point of view, their approach, their motives, their attitude, maybe even their temperament. Then, we would be able to draw an outline of the situation that is closer to reality than to fantasy.

When we study the phenomenon, at first, we easily get overwhelmed, by so much contradictory information that it becomes virtually impossible to keep track of everything while steering into a plausible direction.

In the absence of certitudes, anything goes, because We Do Not Know. What I am trying to do is uniting some instructed brains around a common point and see the links we would be able to make. That is what is important: Links.

The younger people may not know (for I do not know if they read other things than novels), but it has been over 60 years (since 1947) that people are saying the same things. On this subject, all what people say now, everywhere, people said it for countless times, repeatedly. It is like a merry-go-around. Nobody has ever been able to get out of that, or to get passed that. The Outer Civilisation Conceivable Model that I am presenting is not a 'solution', even less an 'absolute truth'. See it as a Gateway. A gate toward leaving the dazing circles. A valuable template to evaluate the credible probabilities in a whole. To get a logical broad picture when we put the pieces (the scientifically acceptable elements) together. The motivation comes from the first rule in military strategy: “Know you opponent”. However, I really do not like this expression, because I do not see, in anyway, shape, or form the Outer Foreigners as ‘opponents’. I did use this expression only to illustrate the idea. I would replace the term ‘opponent’ by ‘cousins’.

The method I always find fruitful is, keeping cases open considering them as probabilities. Each time links are made with other reputed information, the particular case becomes more probable.

The intention is to set the conditions to facilitate the link making. Not to manipulate anything, but to install a “laboratory platform”.

As a starting point, this conceivable evolution scientifically may have occurred on a planet. A simple model that can be recognised as possible. From this, we can draw further on the avenue of logical probabilities.

Each year science people get together and share their views on the Outer Foreigner Civilisation phenomenon. When we explain that we are studying intelligent possibilities based on scientific facts, more of them get interested. Several of them even did publish some texts (reviews) stating the kind of approach they incline to deploy.

" (...) This review of the present state of ufology insists on the possibility of a scientific study of the UFO phenomenon. Obstacles are mainly related to human psycho-sociology.

The behaviour of aliens suggests that they want to avoid evident contact until humanity is mature enough to recognise their presence, while they are performing large-scale experiments to test our maturity and critical thinking (...)".

La Société Belge d'Étude des Phénomènes Spatiaux:
SOBEPS, Avenue Paul Janson, 74, B-1070 Bruxelles.

There is nobody more convinced then me about Outer Civilisations.
I have heard, seen, and read everything during near 30 years of research. However, I do not get into cases or sightings. Because, every time someone comes up with a fact, a sighting of some kind, people engage in a conversation about how it can be false, a hoax, or anything else.

For those who are serious, it is far more productive to see how an outer foreigner civilisation could have evolved to this point, in a realistic manner, scientifically, and logically.

By trying to “imagine” things we sail away from reality.
That way, we get lost in those kinds of vaporous assumptions that rest on nothing real. People start to believe in angels and then they want their children to learn the bible instead of Darwin’s. It can be very dangerous, because if someone gets into “imagining” he is threatened and start to really believe it without ever verifying if it is truth, he would send a whole army to imaginary enemies who couldn’t even throw rocks at him.

The universe does not function that way.

Copernic wanted the truth.
That does not mean he did not believe a “creator” of some sort “created” everything.

Tesla did not learn about magnetism by imagining things “beyond our imaginings”.

I did stop "searching for proofs" 20 years ago, and decided to study a probable model to see what other civilisations would be like, to be able to understand them, what they do, and why. In the middle of this commotion of questions, I needed answers. Probable answers, scientifically acceptable explanations.

It is easy to say, "I think aliens do exist". However, if we get passed the everlasting searching for evidences, if we accept once and for all that in all the earth's history at least one outer foreigner came into the earth's atmosphere, we can study the subject. With everything we know now days in technology, biology, and philosophy, we can reasonably (scientifically) presume many things. We can scientifically study the subject. Then, we can look for corresponding links.

There are simple basic principles from which the nature can not escape. The same physics is everywhere. Things do not come from nothing. On the Earth, we find life can start in many difficult environments, and the principles are always the same. Physical phenomenon comes from other physical phenomenon, which came from other physical phenomenon…

We need the scientific or advanced technical knowledge to understand the Outer Foreigners. Otherwise, we can not see. We can not do without.

We lay down a representative proposition that allow us to set up a phenomenological model. Then, we account for its properties in terms of known physical laws.

We wanted to start somewhere and identify an evolution path that could lead to another outcome then ours:

- A civilisation that has the means to venture out of it's solar system.

The projection technique has to rest on premises that are known and approved by everyone.

It is not possible for me to enumerate the whole of the documents which constitutes the bibliography from which I drew the elements to build this Outer Foreigner Civilisation model, as a probable origin to Outer Foreigners who visit us. Everybody can read everything in local libraries.

I thus ask the reader, being based on most traditional biology, chemistry and physics, to consider this theory, taken as a whole, like a postulate and to be interested especially in the applications, which are deduced from this, and to the links that one can establish with the sightings.

It is not an absolute conclusion, but only the principles of a solution, which I respectfully submit.

“(…) It is necessary, apart from any jokes or any metaphysical position, to rationally seek the causes of these phenomenon (…), no effort must be saved to determine the nature and the origin of it.”.

Lieutenant Plantier;
Revue: Forces Aériennes Françaises, 1953.

The environment.

About the beginning of life, we know many theories have been written. Several possibilities have been explored. However, in order to be accepted by the largest number of people that it is possible, to be as simple and comprehensible as conceivable, we had to let it evolve the most naturally possible with absolutely no external intervention. We did let the simplest universal natural principles do what they do, and see what it would come up with.

We had to consider the most common element in the universe: carbon. Since the simplest element in the universe is Hydrogen, we had to consider the most natural combination to form: H2O (water). In a context of everlasting chemical reactions, catabolism and anabolism rise naturally. In a context where physical phenomenon are repeating indefinitely, metabolism eventually come up. And so on. It really looks like the universe is a mechanism meant to produce life. We did find the differences that certainly might occur (in the living organism) would be on a secondary level. To a certain extent, the shape, the size, the colour, etc.

This is the most scientifically liable evolution path we could establish,
as a starting point; a laboratory template.
The most liable natural model.

Let us establish the bases
on which an outer civilisation may have been evolving.

Each proposal scientifically complies with what is known.

Lets consider some basic things, which are running the universe.

1- The fundamental principle that is ruling the chemistry is “interactivity”.
Elements react with the others. That is resulting from diversity.

2- The fundamental principle that is ruling the physics is “repeating itself”.
Phenomenon can repeat indefinitely.

These are producing a simple mechanism. In the right conditions, that activity generates metabolism (Carbon and carbohydrates are the only elements naturally made to do so). Biology is the consequence to the activity of the universe. Then, the following process is only building an evermore-complex structure surrounding the intestines.

- Animals have to run from their predators. That is forcing the development of the brain.

In the anthropology, the reptiles can never develop a ‘humanoid’ branch. Because, among other elements (no internal heating - no four chambers heart - no cutaneous glands - etc.), they have no brain. The hypothalamus is the only ‘managing organ’ they have. It produces only basic instinct behaviour. Like eating, and reproducing. The whole biology of the reptile species, as a system, is at the highest level of its evolution. (Like the sharks, the elephants, and the chimpanzees). It can not go further. It is specialised to the maximum (An “eating machine”). Those definitively specialised biological structures can only stay that way. They would be extinguished if their resources come to disappear.

Other animals are becoming able to produce their own internal heat because they always have to hide (from the sun) to escape their predators. And later, they come to climb in trees for hiding. Climbing in trees develops the hands (dexterity). The hands develop the cortex of the brain. If nothing happens, anthropoids would stay there. However, if new mountains are rising near by, the forests slowly disappear. They must leave their trees. They have no choice but learn to walk.

Biologically, walking takes its toll on the body structure. Giving birth to offspring becomes more difficult. Not only a tail must not be in the way, but also pregnancy has to take less time, because the offspring has to be smaller.

With time, gathering food, searching for water, for a better place to hide, and perfecting tools develops the neocortex of the brain.

They have been breaking nuts for a long time to eat whatever seed is inside. When the rock they use is missing the nut they hold on top of another rock, sometimes it produces sparks. Flames come to ignite dry branches scattered around and they run desperately. With time, they find good use to the fire.

Leading to the utilisation of fire, the essential steps are:

- Carbohydrates (metabolism),
- Always searching for a better place to hide (thinking, and internal heating system),
- Climbing, and living in trees (dexterity of the hands, cortex of the brain),
- Forest declining (walking, modifying the physiological structure),
- Bettering tools (innovation, neocortex of the brain),
- Breaking of nuts (sparks, utilisation of fire).

From Anthropoids to Humanoids.

A- If they eat meat, they do not need to comply with the nature. They do not bother with it, because they do not really depend on it for their food, they hunt. In that case, they are used to violence and everything that comes with it. They are only interested in gathering the most they can to ensure survival.

B- If they are vegetarians, they must comply with the nature because they really depend on it. They hang upon it. They are compelled to study the ecosystem for improving their agriculture. They are interested in pertinent knowledge and respectful applications. They have no other choice but to follow the path of ecology, which appears to them essential for surviving.

- The ecosystem will trigger one of three (3) possibilities:

A- Carnivores.
B- Vegetarians.
C- Omnivores.

In the Earth’s history of humans, (Anthropology) some 7 million years ago there were two types of emerging humanoids. The Australopithecus Gracile were vegetarians and the Australopithecus Paranthrope (Robustus) were carnivores. Between 7 million years and 2.5 million years ago, the vegetarian humanoid tribes were completely eliminated. The humanoid lineage that did emerge was the Homo Habilis, from the Paranthrope (Robustus). Their successors finely came out through the evolution. They have been selected to fill the planet. The “type A” humanoids (carnivore). We all know what did happen. It is obvious. Violence, egoism (individualism), and withdrawal from the ecosystem are the outstanding characteristics in Earth’s civilisation. This is what any outer foreigner observer sees when looking at our planet. What we can understand is, the kind of society we - as “type A or C” beings - have developed can not reach higher (advanced) levels of knowledge. Because, the regime is always dealing with the very serious problems it keeps sowing. This type of society is stranded, because its evolution is static. Its people, the communities, the nations, are kept in ignorance. Evolution is stagnant.

We already know what kind of society Omnivores (C) would raise (like our own).
The carnivores (A) would probably do worst.

Therefore, the only way humanoid’s evolution will stay connected to the ecosystem is through vegetarianism. This path is also intertwined with the development of humanitarian behaviour, the philanthropy related notions and concepts. Because, to be applied later in the entire civilisation attitude and functioning, these have to originate from the prehistoric roots of the species. Lets see what happens in another solar system, on a planet like the Earth, where vegetarians have been selected to tower above the evolution.

The Vegetarians (B).

Vegetarianism is the practice of subsisting on a diet composed wholly of organic vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, and seeds. It is not only about eating plants, like horses There is a lot more to this than being essential to maintain the health. For example, on a philosophical level, considering the evolution is like a staircase to climb, once eaten, an animal cell that remains an animal cell is not getting to the next step. It stays on that level. On the other hand, once eaten, a vegetal cell that is transformed into an animal cell is reaching the next level. This, is a progression. That falls into the natural direction of the evolution within the universe. Immediately, we can see the distinctive ramifications from this condition. Vegetarian anthropoids will develop with the association of the differences, and the pooling of affinities. A kind of symbiosis (like the mushroom and the blue alga), which will trigger everything else ahead.

Water, carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids are the basic building blocks of a good diet. The healthiest forms of each nutrients, and ingesting them in the proper balance, enables the body to function at its optimal level. Carbohydrates supply the body with the energy it needs to function. They are found almost exclusively in plant foods. Protein is essential for growth and development. It is needed for the manufacture of hormones, antibodies, enzymes, tissues, and to help maintain the proper acid-alkali balance in the body. Brown rice, seeds, corn, wheat, nuts, and beans (soybean) comestibles offers complete proteins. They contain the essential amino acids plus several other nutrients. Lipids, polyunsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats (fatty acids), are needed as less than twenty to twenty-five percent of daily calories. Mono-unsaturated fatty acids are found mostly in vegetables, and nuts oil (olive, peanut, and canola). Polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in corn, soybean, safflower, and sunflower oils. Vitamins and minerals, referred to as micronutrients, are needed in relatively small amounts compared with the four basic nutrients.

Early on, vegetarian humanoids have learned to respect the ecosystem. This is fundamental to them, because their health and survival depends on it. They have found great benefits in studying the ecosystem, biology, physics, chemistry, geology, and so on. These are indispensable elements to their common knowledge.

Sustenance, as the method of administering nourishment, necessitates a steady and constant supply of nutrients from organic resources. They combine different plants together to get the most protein as possible. Intensive agriculture involves a complex system to ensure the rotation of the crops, to maintain the harvesting but not to corrupt the fields. To maintain the health, they know it is imperative never to insert chemical substances of any kinds, armful elements, nor potentially damaging materials. Their natural ecological motivated approach toward the intake and outlet of material resources sits on the basic consideration of long term persistence. Essentially, the method strictly allows them utilising the local available surplus only. Consequently, they have to alternate between a series of sites, as the surplus diminishes in one (intake). The transformed resources are returned (outlet) to the temporary occupied site, which will recycle them. Rotating in this manner between a series of ten sites over the years (10sites/10 years) give time for each site to process and replenish its surplus, which will be available again. This method is called Zone Mapping for Resources Intake and Outlet. It allows the community to grow and to develop vigorously, while attending other matters of higher levels. It also keeps the sites clean and available for everyone. This method persists for generations without damaging the sites.

They are utterly curious, eminently interested by many things around them. They always like to learn more about their surroundings. They are rational, pragmatic, very occupied beings. Thus, cooking food is seen as very disturbing, annoying. Essentially, processing food consists in initiating the digestion to make it easier for the stomach. The processing of food requires a collection of instruments, monopolises whole areas, and demands a lot of time and energy. To them, these are worthless activities spoiling resources and yielding very little in return. Since they are considering the entire community of people, this kind of activity on a large scale brings a number of considerable problems. In addition, this type of chore simply does not correspond to higher aspirations. They require a much more efficient method. They are determined to put in place a kind of system that resembles the functioning of the ecosystem, because it is working very well. The nature has been making use of a satisfactory method for a long time. Rapidly, it becomes perfectly clear to them that applying the ecosystem’s principles and method to the entire community is the only way to progress, in the long term.

The ecosystem consists of two basic circuits, intertwined with each other, providing for the intake of nutrients and treating the residues as per re-inserting them into the chain of processes. The result is a continuous action, a series of operations taking place in a definite manner, which sustain the biological metabolism and all related activities. The long term persistence goal and the autonomy essential to their occupations requires putting in place sort of an ecology-like assemblage, because it is a crystal-clear applicable example of the adequate system.

Nutrition habits characterise the manner in which nutriments are supplied to the metabolism. One way or another, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals have to be processed. In a society where health and occupation prevails, the fashion to get the nutriments is not really important. What matters at the bottom line is to get the required daily dose of sustenance, without respect to their form.

In pragmatic terms, super-nutritive organic tablets have to be produced for providing everything the body needs. A contrivance, integrated mechanisms, has to be put in place on a large scale for supplying the people means of permanent sustenance. The nutrients inventory have to be processed and transformed into Organic Nutrients Caplets (O.N.C.). Personal rations can then be distributed and delivered to the people, according with each their own diet.

Capsules (or pills) are quite easy to administer and flexible in usage. The biggest advantage with capsules is their compact form and shape; even with their tiny form, they contain a precise and worthy amount of components. Capsules possess a long shelf life; they are clean and hygienic in their quality.

The mechanisms responsible for the production (agriculture, farming, fruit-gardening, etc.) are supplying raw materials. The function of the transformation mechanisms and the preparation instruments is to grind and to filter the raw material, isolating the nutritious elements and producing a coarse powder. This material is then condensed, hardened, and dehydrated into small tablets or capsules. The whole process is transforming and assembling the nutrient substrates into rich portions, biological nutritive organic aggregates, or caplets. All the necessary elements providing sustenance to the metabolism, and for the maintenance of the physiological health, can then be supplied to each individual; a personalised ration of these organic nutrients caplets. The personal diet comes down to the appropriate quantity of these ONCs, providing between one thousand two hundred (1200) and one thousand eight hundred (1800) calories per day.

[A calorie, also called nutritionist's calorie, is a unit of energy-producing potential equal to this amount of heat that is contained in food and released upon oxidation by the body.]

This diet on organic nutrients caplets has to be combined with a regular intake of distilled water; at least eight ounces of water each day. The water can be replaced or combined with fruits and natural juices of all sorts, when they are available.

[Distilled water is preferable because it is water from which impurities, dissolved salts and colloidal particles, have been removed by one or more processes of distillation; it simply is chemically pure water.]

On a monthly base, the proper quantity of ONCs and water are delivered to people. Very soon, adjacent sectors are accommodated with this new system for supplying sustenance to the population. It does not take a long time for a universal individual supply of subsistence and distilled water to be put in place. Huge warehouses are installed everywhere, because the distribution and delivery have to reach every individuals in all places, areas, sectors, districts and territories.

In addition to this procedure of supplying nutriments to the people, another similar series of operations have to be carried on, but its opposite or the reverse course of events. These two twinned systems have to be paired together. Conveyances have to go and gather the residues. Dehydrated physiological dejection, solid detritus, the remains of transformation, by-products, everything has to be amassed. Afterward, a reliable recycling process has to take place. Biological substances are made to assist composting, helped with enzymes, decaying organic matter and providing nutrients to the production of crops.

Gradually, a process has to be implemented to recover each substance into its sheer elements. As a result, there is a constant reserve of clean matter ready to be re-utilised. Nothing is allowed to be wasted, no elements can be rejected, nothing is allowed to escape from this circuit. Some materials are temporary stored in the anticipation of being treated subsequently. In fact, nothing is to be found untreated back into the environment.

Both these twinned circuits are functioning as one fully integrated system for provisioning the nutrients and recovering the residues. It is enclosing the intake and outlet of material resources. It is circumscribing the humanoid’s activities from the surrounding environment.

Each individual on the planet is uphold and sustained by this system, from birth until death. There are many shuttles for the ONC distribution and delivery circuit, along with those for the recovering circuit. They are combing every inhabited sector regularly, connecting warehouses to local distribution centres. This whole animated structure is ensuring that everyone is sustained, while making sure that all residues are recuperated. This way, the environment remains uncontaminated throughout generations, and humanoids are released from bothering with food.

This is not such a radical change to their diet habits then it is to the method. Nevertheless, this method is really eliminating the problems related to the individual sustenance, and those derived from the activity of the communities. With time, It becomes perfectly obvious that this method is allowing the community to grow and to develop much better, along with the environment. Following the implementation of this input/output treatment system, tremendous advances are made in technological applications, along with extensive developments in many fields of science.

They did put in place two (2) fundamental primary systems:

1- Provisioning nutrients (Organic Nutrients Caplets) to the population.

2- Recovering and recycling everything that comes out of humanoid’s activities, including biological wastes. They recycle everything. Because, they do not want to insert anything in the ecosystem. They absolutely have to keep it clean.

The population rests completely on these two systems: The Ecology-Like Assemblage.

This is what the nature does (provisioning and recovering).

Numerous advantages and continuous improvement to their society are encouraging them going that way, further and further. Their systems are always improving their society. Knowledge is constantly reaching higher stages. Technology is bringing them closer to amazing horizons. Vegetarian humanoids are not used to violence. Instead, they always ran away from it. They have found other means to reach a solution. Like talking, exchanging points of views, learning, studying the case, and finding an adequate solution. They like to work together, because they need to. They are exercising an attitude, a general behaviour, much like women are. Calm, placid, affectionate, informed, cognisant, attentive, conscious, respectful, etc. Cooperative ways of doing things. Vegetarians are able to defend themselves, however it is always the very last option. Even then, they do not kill but they scare away the menace. They did learn early on that it is best to approach quietly without being noticed, to be patient, to observe calmly and to gather valuable information. Then, considering the level of knowledge they are able to reach, they certainly come to develop efficient means of making themselves perfectly understood.

In the model I am laying down, there is only one ethnic: Vegetarian Humanoids.
I am considering one solar system develops one humanoid ethnic community.

The energy.

To get anything working, one needs energy. These people are very aware of what the nature does, how it is working, what it is making use of. We can say they regard the nature as an encyclopaedia. They learn the most they can on a level before going to the next one. It is the only example they have for good and reliable methods.

The nature is making use of electricity, the transit of electrons. Electrons are everywhere and easy to get. Early on, they have understood quite perfectly the mechanism of plants. How leafs are utilising the photons (light from the star) to get electrons transiting. Logically, they are making some similar devices to produce the energy all their mechanisms need. It is a major step for them. The use of water and wind (to get energy) are put aside. Following that, they find out they can make some useful means of transportation. To be judiciously efficient and properly adequate, a transport apparatus must not be dependent toward a local source of energy. The electric motor is exactly what they need to replace the steam engine. Many fields of activity are benefiting from that invention. Especially agriculture. Their ecology-like assemblage is enhanced.

In addition, the principles that are implicated in the study of electricity are also involving electromagnetism. Electricity and Electromagnetism are closely related. With electric transport apparatus, the Provisioning and Recovering System is functioning better and faster. They have more time on their hands. As their devices become increasingly efficient, they have a lot of time left. We can estimate that they are probably applying a great amount of time and efforts into studying several other domains of knowledge.

Theories describing the behaviour of aurora, the electromagnetic radiation belts, and researches studying the effect of magnetic storms on the planet's magnetic field, the magnetosphere, are bringing the thermodynamics equations and electromagnetic field theory. Some particular observations are noticing series of forces and effects in which a certain proportion of electrons are free, rather than being bound to an atom or molecule. The ability of the positive and negative charges to move somewhat independently creates a particular “state of matter”, electrically conductive, so that it responds strongly to electromagnetic fields. A substance having properties quite unlike those of solids, liquids, or gases, and considering it is a “distinct state of matter” uncovers the dynamics of plasma. In this context, plasma refers to an ionised gas, typically taking the form of neutral gas-like clouds.

In such a state of matter, an ionised gas, because the particles are charged, they are strongly influenced by electromagnetic forces. That is, by magnetic and electric fields. Soon, the electrical physics and power domain of study come to embrace plasma physics all together. Electromagnetic forces between electrical charges are many orders of magnitude stronger than common gravitational forces. Because these vegetarian humanoids are persisting toward that direction, they come to understand that in addition to those of gravity, to magnetism, and to fluid dynamics, many cosmic phenomena are due to other forces than these. In that case, a somewhat new cosmology is accountable for explaining the development of the visible universe, through the interactions of electromagnetic forces in astrophysical plasma.

Astrophysical plasma (ionised gas) is found in astronomy, and whose physical properties are easily studied in laboratories. Gradually, a whole new science is developing before their eyes. The same basic models can be studied in laboratories. Whether it is a planetary, a stellar, or a galactic model, they all behave in the same manner. The length of time is simply proportional to the scale. A spark, which lasts a microsecond in the laboratory, can last for thousands of years in the planetary scale. Even billions of years, on the interstellar, galactic, and intergalactic scales.

Thus, the universe is like an equal mixture of ionised matter and anti-matter, in the form of ambiplasma, that separate as annihilation reactions occurs, accompanied by a tremendous release of energy. Then, much of the baryonic matter of the universe is thought to consist of plasma, a state of matter in which atoms and molecules are so hot, that they have ionised by breaking up into their constituent parts, negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions.

This means that the cosmic space is full of electricity, in the form of electric plasma. As a result, more than 99% of the universe is not made up of “invisible matter”, but rather with matter in the plasma state. Then, since plasma typically takes the form of neutral gas-like clouds, this means a star (a neutral gas-like cloud) is a plasma.

In a context (the universe) where electromagnetic forces are equal in importance with gravitation on the largest scales, vast magnetic fields are also existing. A long filament of moving charges (electric currents). These filaments make up a vast stringy spaghetti-like structure of interconnected paths upon which stars and galaxies can form, and which are surrounded by magnetic fields. The long filaments (Birkeland currents) have a property of being able to squeeze clouds of matter together (the “z-pinch” effect). Therefore, a star is powered, not from within itself, but rather from outside, by the electric current (Birkeland) that flow in the arms of the galaxy.

The interstellar medium is the gas and dust that pervade interstellar space, the matter that exists between the stars within a galaxy. It fills interstellar space and blends smoothly into the surrounding intergalactic medium. Intergalactic space is the physical space between galaxies. Generally free of dust and debris, intergalactic space is very close to a total vacuum. Hence, interplanetary space, interstellar space, and intergalactic space are all filled with ions and electrons (electric charges). The deep space is filled with electrical charges and magnetic energy. These new notions are bringing to light the concept that an electromagnetic realm of forces and activities is existing beneath the well-known gravity realm of forces and activities.

The vegetarian humanoids have now determined that the entire universe is filled with energy. So much that, from a particular point of view, one cubic centimetre of cosmic space contains enough energy to create even more physical mass then there actually is in the universe. The fact is, everything is intricately related as in an opened system rather than in a closed system. It is like when a bird is quietly standing on a high voltage cable. Because there is no difference of potential between its own two feet, it does not pick up any current. Once it touches anything that has a difference of potential with the cable, something connected to the ground, for example (a tree), and it will roast instantly. A mechanism in which there is no difference of potential does not pick up any current at all. A material, a component, or a mechanism in which such difference of potential have been set will pick up a current (electrons/amperage/voltage) from the surrounding medium. The immediate environment. And it will be able to utilise it as energy. Since the atmosphere around a planet is acting like a natural electric condenser (Leyde) between the space and the planet, even a simple pole standing there, connected to the appropriate instruments, can pick up an electric current.

This changes everything. To them, electricity (and electromagnetism) is the skeleton the universe is assembled on. Clearly, electricity is everywhere. They can pick up an electric current simply by placing several particular molecules together, right there, everywhere, anywhere.

Since they are feeding on such Organic Nutrients Caplets, and this system is the foundation of their regime, progressively (1000 to 5000 years), their physiology modifies. Their face changes. The lower structure of the face progressively becomes much thinner. Because, the muscles responsible for the mastication are not solicited anymore. They do not need to chew. They simply swallow these nutritious caplets. At first, they still bite on fruits and nuts. However, they replace those with sort of a purée, and they prefer to liquefy everything into all kinds of mixtures and juices. In fact, this general agreement or compromise is a question of convenience. The numerous advantages and improvements to their society are outstanding and incomparable. Consequently, after a number of generations, they have a significantly slender face around the mouth and on the cheeks. The mouth is very small, tiny, with a slim, almost pointed chin.

- They depend entirely on the ecosystem, so they thoroughly respect the environment.
Respect toward all living creatures is inherent to this people, it is part of their instinct.

- There is no violence.
In the prehistoric history of this people, means of violence is simply inconsistent with the humanoid condition. It belongs to the inferior realm of thriving, to animals, which are among the carnivore species.

- They are rational and particularly brilliant at freeing themselves from inconvenient and annoying chores and ancient burdens. Therefore, they rely on accumulating knowledge for improving the systems that they are putting in place, their regime. Among other things, cooking food is disturbing them from the occupation they prefer, it is wasting valuable resources, it is superfluous, and they have much more interesting things to do. They have installed an ecology-like assemblage of mechanisms for supplying their people with caplets of nutrients (ONC) and with a variety of healthful mixtures. This system also collects, recycles, and re-utilises the material they need. They have a thin face around the mouth and cheeks, because the muscles that are responsible for chewing have gradually atrophied.

- The entire population is supplied with clean water and healthy nutrients, and people can concentrate at doing what each their inner nature invite them to. Consequently, the level of knowledge these people already have is very significant.

- They had to develop a system of research based on passive observations, from secured hiding sites. Making sure they will not be noticed, they are able to approach the closest possible. Patient observations allow them to gather valuable information.

- At first, their mechanisms have been getting the energy (electric current) from devices functioning as the leaf does (Photovoltaic cells). They have achieved electron transiting utilising the photon (light) and they have been storing the exceeding in accumulators. Then, they did learn that electricity/electromagnetism is the core of the universe. Thus, it is everywhere and very easy to get energy, as electric currents. All their mechanisms are self-sufficient.

- With the electric motor, photovoltaic cells and accumulators, and the free-electrons capturing device, they develop a safe and reliable transport apparatus

- They have a prominent tendency to manufacture, to utilise, and to put in place tools, mechanisms and devices that are autonomous and self-reliant.

Affectionate to the nature as they are, their clothing were made out of cotton, wool and linen fibres. Early on, they have been utilising something like the weaving machine (Métier à tisser) to manufacture fabrics in great quantity.

In earthling’s history, Jacquard invented the automatic weaving machine. The concept is brilliant. Pointers follow holes in a metallic cylinder, which is turning before them. There is a hole, or there is not. The movement of the pointers in and out of the holes activates rods guiding the mechanism, which reproduces the diagram of the fabric. The idea to use the "1" and the "0" to carry and transmit information to a machine came from that. The mechanism automation technique. That technique leads to the algebra of Bool. There is a current, or there is not. It is “yes”, or it is “no” (The Algebra of Bool elaborates with other equations). The algebra of Bool combined with electromechanical device leads to data processing. Data processing leads to computers. In that manner, Jacquard’s weaving machine is the ancestor of the computers.

The steps toward advantageous technological knowledge are:

- Electricity (and electromagnetism),
- The weaving machine (mechanics),
- Automation of the mechanisms,
- The algebra of Bool (there is a "1", or a "0"),
- Data processing,
- Computer.

Data processing.

With data processing, the mechanisms they are utilising finely become totally self-reliant. The devices and apparatus are utilising Optic Fibre to transmit data. Another big step for them. Gradually, people are released from the duties related to operating all the systems. They assign the computers to run each and every mechanism, as well as the current functions related to the provisioning and recovering system. The production of the nutrient material, the harvesting and the transformation processes of the nutritive inventory, including the distribution of the resulting ONCs, are now entirely automated. This is achieved by a gradual implementation. Energised beams are now breaking loose the molecular bonds and dividing the solid matter. They can easily transform the matter to their convenience. Progressively, they are putting in place a huge Cybernetic System, which manages everything. Soon, all the infrastructures and the institutions in the society are functioning automatically.

As humanoids, people can then fully concentrate on what they are made for: developing their neocortex, their brain, to understand, and to bring constant innovations and improvements.

With the computers, they can calculate more and faster. Observation, philosophy, sciences, data gathering, techniques and methods, everything is more efficient. They are continuously developing new methods to their techniques, and this improves general conditions of living.

The levitation technology, which is inherent to the electromagnetic technology, and which is required in the electric universe context, leads them to fabricate better means of transportation. The sub-gravitation transport apparatus comes from electromagnetic systems. These are all acquired from plasma physics. Since the universe is filled with ions and electrons, there are vast magnetic fields. Consequently, electromagnetic fields and electric forces are predominant everywhere as the core template of the universe. And because the electromagnetic forces vastly overpower the gravitational forces, Maxwell’s equations and electromagnetic field theory, combined with astrophysical plasma physics and properties are the basics to the electromagnetic levitation vehicle.

The Electromagnetic Field Drive Vehicle
(Synchrotron Wave)
[ The Vimana ]

There is a magnetic rod standing vertically on the centre, with its positive end pointing down, and its negative end pointing up. There is a metallic circular element also magnetic around it, a ring, at about 10 feet radius, on the perpendicular perimeter of the centre rod (the habitat is inside this ring, around the rod). This simple assemblage creates a magnetic field, much like a miniature Van Allen belt.

Electrons, or some other sub-particles presenting a mass (we are talking about matter only when particles are assembled as atoms and molecules. Otherwise, particles and sub-particles are considered as a mass), are forced to flow counter clockwise in the metallic ring, guided by its magnetic field. This movement is creating an electric current. Therefore, it is inducing an electromagnetic field.

[This is already known as a Cyclotron. In the mechanism that is described here, there is a synchronicity between the speed of particles and the guiding magnetic field. Therefore, the appropriate term is Synchrotron.]

The flow of particles (mass) in the ring is the spin. The spin creates an electromagnetic field inside the ring (or inside the circumference of the ring), and its strength is proportional to the speed of the spin. When the spin reaches the speed of light, the electromagnetic field (EMF) is producing an extremely powerful attractive force upward, and a very strong repulsive force downward.

The spin creates a steady and constant EM Field, and the resulting dynamic is taking place within a plasma physics environment. We can name this “effective force”, a kind of force field, the Synchrotron Wave. The strength of the synchrotron wave is extremely powerful. If the speed of the spin (which creates the synchrotron wave) is reduced, it will fall under the speed of light. Hence, the synchrotron wave will be lost. Therefore, the spin has to be maintained to the speed of light.

There is a kind of "screen" under the positive end of the centre rod. This damper screen is attenuating or lowering the synchrotron wave strength (EM Field) that is escaping or getting out downward. This virtual attenuator is manoeuvrable and it can be positioned anywhere on a 360 degree circumference around and under the centre rod.

By manoeuvring the attenuator around and under the positive end of the rod (circuitously), the repulsive effect of the synchrotron wave is directed (or released) to the other side. As a consequence, the whole structure of the mechanism tilts a little to the side where the attenuator is located. Within a plasma physics environment, this forces the vehicle to translate toward that direction.

By reducing the attenuator width (damper screen), more of the synchrotron wave power is released. The increasing repulsive effect pushes the vehicle away (from a local EM Field) further and faster. The speed of the vehicle is proportional to the synchrotron wave strength that is released on the opposite direction.

When moving at low speeds, the vessel is sliding in the direction of the resultant vector.

R = mG = mH, with mH = mihi.

When moving at very high speeds, mG being weak compared to mH, the vessel will have an axial displacement. It can reach extremely high speeds, around 65 000 km per sec.
[This speed has been recorded on radar many times.]

There are two (2) main controls:

- The speed of the spin, which triggers the synchrotron wave output.

- The attenuator position and width,
which directs the synchrotron wave effects and adjusts its strength.

The modifications to the synchrotron wave, tilt/direction, and width/strength, are instantly effective. Slowing down is achieved by moving the attenuator from one side to the other several times back and forth. The whole structure will be oscillating and it can rapidly acquire a complete stop, hovering above the ground, or standing stationary within a local EM Field.

The synchrotron wave effects are completely independent of the physical structure attitude. The spin of the particles (mass) in the metallic ring makes this apparatus act like a big gyroscope, dancing on local electromagnetic fields. Therefore, it is very difficult to modify its angular orientation (bank/pitch). Essentially, it has a natural tendency to stay aligned with the ring (parallel to the spin) or perpendicular to the field (the centre rod) [90 degrees to mH]. However, the overall electromagnetic field makes this vehicle very light and easy to rotate on itself left and right. The Yaw attitude (rotation around vertical axis) of the vehicle can be adjusted. The vertical axis of the structure can remain adjustable by the operator (pilot), turning the front of the vessel to any positions he wants (360 degrees) while it is moving. Alternatively, the yaw attitude can be locked with a pre-selected geometric orientation on the compass always pointing its nose to that bearing, no matter what direction the synchrotron wave takes. Otherwise, it can be locked with the synchrotron wave direction, varying with the direction it takes, turning the structure to get its nose pointing toward the same direction.

This whole system is completely isolating the physical structure from the surrounding environment. Whether it is liquid (water), gaseous (atmosphere), or ionised gas (space), there is no friction. The molecules outside of the force field are rarely reaching close to the vehicle. As long as the synchrotron wave is maintained, there is no supersonic bang, nor anything of that sort. If ever for some reason the synchrotron wave is interrupted, the physical structure meets the surrounding molecules at very high spends and immediately disintegrates itself in a spectacular explosion.

The main attribute to this synchrotron wave is that the “force field” is applied to all physical matter (particles and sub-particles, atoms, and molecules) inside its circumference (the force field ovoid sphere). Not only to the structure itself, but also to any type of material it is carrying, and to the passengers.

There is no difference between the movement of the structure and what it is carrying, because the synchrotron wave is applying its force field to everything at the same time. Everything moves together instantly. Thus, the passengers are not submitted to accelerations and decelerations. There is no gravitational counter-reaction (g. force). The passengers do not feel anything. To them, it is as if they were motionless. If they are looking outside, they will have the impression that the environment is moving around them. And, because of the many rapid movements, they will get sick to their stomach. This is caused when the inner ear system (balance/equilibrium) receives contradictory information from the physiological sensors (I am standing motionless) and from the eyes (I am moving). Obviously, it is best not to look outside during high speed travelling.

Considering a molecule of air located in A, in the most unfavourable case (in front of the vehicle and in its axis of motion). The vehicle moves at a supersonic speed, 5000 km/h., for example. Relative speed is thus 5000 km/h. But from A to B, it decreases gradually as the molecule meets equidynamic surfaces where the force field has an intensity increasingly strong. There will undoubtedly occur an adiabatic compression in front, and sliding frictions because of variation of Vr, according to the distance of the axis, but there will not be any supersonic shock, therefore no noise.

In B, V became subsonic and relatively very weak, any risk of noise thus disappeared. After B, the molecule circumvents the mass of air included by surface N°1, corresponding with a very strong intensity, and contacts with the vessel only occasionally, by turbulence. Then, it is lost in the air stream, which follows the vehicle and slackens gradually for the same reasons. The possibility of a noise simply never appeared.

Air flow and rolling to the back, in oblique rise.

Oblique climbing: Of course, there will be a swirling movement creating a central depression, because of the centrifuge forces and the divergence of the airflow.

Considering the case of the tension fields:

Vi: is the speed induced by the force field.
Vs: is the speed induced by pressure, or depression.
Vp: is clean speed.
Vr: is the resulting instantaneous true air speed.

There is another type of consequence to this application. Applying such a force field to the surrounding molecules disturbs the components of the atoms. It makes them sweat several photons, grains of light. In such a disturbance to the atomic elements, electrons orbiting the nucleus are changing altitude (level of orbiting). Each time this is occurring, the amount of light emission corresponds to the amount of energy that is lost because of that modification. The same thing happens when the electrons are returning to their original position (orbit). Therefore, the intense luminescence is a natural and inoffensive by-product of this system. The luminescence is proportional to the amount of power that is applied. At high speeds, it produces a following trail of light emissions. Inside the habitat of the vehicle, the high intensity of the luminescence requires the passengers to wear opaque lenses for protecting their eyes. For means of convenience, the Humanoids are applying these opaque lenses directly on the eye globe.

In addition, when very intense power is applied, this ionisation following the vehicle trajectory often produces ultra-heavy positive particles. These are creating several natural chemical reactions with the molecules in an atmospheric environment. Sometimes, thin white filaments are developing, light and extremely volatile (angel dust), they are inoffensive and slowly disintegrate as the ionisation decreases.

When a stationary attitude is maintained in an atmospheric environment, the presence of the force field (synchrotron wave) can create an atmospheric expansion. This ascending air current is proportional to the intensity of the force field. Once it reaches over a certain level, the ascending air slight turbulence can develop a local condensation, which will form a small cumulus around the vehicle. Besides, this outcome offers a perfect camouflage.

When a source of light is located inside an electromagnetic field, the trajectory of the photon (emission of light) travelling outward of the field is modified. Hence, to the observer, the image of what is inside the field is distorted. This is called the Zeeman effect.

Aside from all these, when the vehicle is operating at slow speeds, it is almost silent, completely harmless, and during daylight the luminescence is difficult see.

About 26 feet diameter, and 12 feet height in the centre.

Electromagnetic Field Drive Vehicle,
Effective in the context of plasma physics (Electric Universe)
/The AMVC Model; DataJY©2006,
According to Lieutenant Plantier’s theory,
Revue: Forces Aériennes Françaises, 1953.

The utilisation of electromagnetic modulation for remote transmission of data (radio waves) is possible only in an environment where the natural magnetic field (produced by the planet) is low. Many planets have a strong natural electromagnetic field. Radio modulation is not possible in this kind of environment. Moreover, the length of time for transmission even at light speed is much too long (4 hours from a satellite in our solar system to the Earth, and 4 hours more for responding). First, this delay is not acceptable. Moreover, if the intensity of the electromagnetic field on their planet prevents them from using it for communications (transmitting data), the only reliable possibility left is the method the nature is utilising: Chemical Messaging.

The nucleus has electrons, which are spinning on orbits around it. If we align a series of atoms having an identical configuration of their electronic elements, we have a Nucleic Resonance Channel. In a segment like this, if an electron changes orbit at an end of the continuation, all the electrons, which are aligned one after the other, will vary the same along the way up to the other end. Changing many times back and forth the state of the electron at one end of the channel segment can be made to be carrying messages, transmitting data to the other end. No matter what particle or sub-particle we are modulating, it is like a stick stretching thousands of miles long. If someone shakes one end of the stick, the other end oscillates at the same time. There is no delay. The modification is instantaneous. It is not affected by electromagnetic disturbances. The technique is called 'Modulating a signal by Nucleic Resonance Channel'. A safe, reliable and instantaneous way of transmitting data through the environment. Even through the entire universe. Furthermore, such a channel does not leave a trace and remains undetectable.

Usually, these Humanoids are always engaged in observing their ecosystem, one way or another, studying their environment. One reason is to make sure their activities are not affecting negatively any of the many natural systems. The other reason is they are learning everything from studying the ecosystem. This is the encyclopaedia, from which they get all the knowledge they are gathering and storing (database). Consequently, they have always needed the best instruments possible, adequate tools that are not interfering with the subjects. Often times, they need to remain hiding not disturbing a thing. Precise and reliable remote observation devices have always been very useful.

Long before, back in their history, they have come to notice the existence of strange energy fields around living things, surrounding living creatures of all kinds. Everything in the nature seamed to have this kind of energy pattern around it, very faint, extremely difficult to detect. Once they have put together a device allowing them to monitor this energy field, they have noted its diagram, and they have done multiple tests. Their studies have guided them to understand that this energy field regulates the functioning of the overall natural assemblage. Not only the activities that are responsible for the metabolism, but particularly the energy flow that is maintaining the system. They have found that by facilitating or by restricting the energy flow on precise locations of the system, they can modify accordingly specific activities in the system. On several occasions, they have been able to regulate the activity of volcanoes on their planet, and parts of the tectonic plates, by inserting a massive long and thin piece of stone, acting like a pin, planted in the ground on precise locations. This technique revealed itself extremely useful in the geological science, and in the geodesic studies. It is also fundamental in the medical science, and its domain of applications. With time, the tiny needles they were utilising on the body, for increasing or decreasing the energy flow, have been replaced with precise electromagnetic emissions.

Since then, they are utilising a variety of electromagnetic interactive beams and nucleic resonance sensor rays to probe, to investigate, and to analyse everything. Among these, they are making use of a particular interactive beam that stimulates specific acupuncture points on the body. This method is allowing them to induce and to generate particular physiological states. Like tranquillising, or numbing an area (analgesic/anaesthetise), or even restricting movements and paralysing. Sleep, and different states of trance can also be induced this way. Mainly, this technique is utilised for health purposes.

With some of these condensed field, or beam, emitting device, they are remotely scanning the physical matter on various scales. They can probe an entity’s physical body entirely to obtain a complete physiological diagram and diagnostic. They can probe the chemical state of the entity’s brain, to get an electroencephalogram analysis, and figure out what are its intentions (amiable or not). They can induce paralysis, unconsciousness, or hypnosis, when they are monitoring an entity’s consciousness. This is done by sending an interactive ray or beam on one of several specific acupuncture points, which they can choose from on its detailed diagram. They can certainly cause all kinds of physiological disorder also (benign or malign), as means of defence. With this type of apparatus, they are able to identify any type of serious threat long before it becomes menacing to them. In that case, most of the time evasive manoeuvres are engaged immediately.

[On the Earth, Clarbruno Vedruccio invented (in 2003) an electronic system for non-invasive EM cancer detection. This method is only requiring that a handy probe be moved a few centimetres over the surface of the body, close to the organ that is being examined. The probe contains a non-linear oscillator, emitting a very weak EM wave, with several frequency components (at 450, 900 and 1350 MHz, for instance). The frequencies are displayed on the screen of a spectrum analyser, which is fed by a small antenna that is situated about two (2) meters away from the probe. The relative intensities of these spectral lines are predetermined, but when the probe is brought close to biological tissue, the height of one or several lines can be strongly reduced, according to the pathological state of the tested tissue. This phenomenon is explained by establishing a mathematical model and by solving the resulting equations. Actually, the probe does stimulate minute electrical oscillations inside the tissue, but this requires an energy transfer, which is clearly detectable because of the peculiar properties of non-linear resonance interaction.]

As the Humanoids are increasingly specialised in the utilisation of electromagnetic and nucleic resonance applications, they develop a variety of remote sensing devices. Different interactive beams are able to manipulate the physical matter from a distance. Like grabbing electrons, particles, or sub-particles. Remote sensing probes. Inducing physiological stimulation. Molecular selection. Matter separation on molecular level. Portable Scanning Emitting Devices and Remote Interaction Beams are coupled with Virtual Imaging and huge database. The subject or object they choose to monitor is presented in detail on a three dimension virtual display. They can zoom in and out scrutinising any level of details. They probe, explore, examine, and study, penetrating to the deepest levels investigating everything. They record all data. Later, or even on the spot as they are monitoring, they work at anticipating reactions in extremely complex simulations, learning to foresee the responses before they arise. In this manner, the Humanoids come to understand the ecosystem perfectly well. They can follow every process, and they know what to anticipate. They verify what it will lead to, how it will turn out, only to make sure that they know everything about it.

In general science, the level of probabilities is extremely high, considering the natural phenomena, which are monitored during a particular length of time. All the equations regarding the science of probabilities are very useful. However, the crucial comprehension can only emerge by measuring and understanding all the elements that are implicated in a system, and their function.

The Regime.

These humanoids have their own way of seeing things, of thinking and reasoning. The natural intrinsic temperament and comportment originates directly from their anthropological history. To be subsisting on organic vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, and seeds is not a decision. It was dictated, or implemented by the metabolic system. Dating back to its origin, vegetarianism is not a cause, but a consequence or a result, emerging from much deeper attributes and fundamental characteristics, which are common among their own anthropological specie. These characteristics come in a whole, defining the specific species all along its evolution.

In several animal species, association is at the core of their survival as a group. In many mammal species, which are all organised around the females, cooperation ensures that the entire community will survive. Especially among anthropoids, where sharing is often seen. Adding to that, in the vegetarian humanoid species, differences among the individuals are seen to be complementary. The pooling of affinities, togetherness, sharing, allows them to function as a whole, and to embrace the perceptions ahead of that. This characteristic is gradually modeling a mentality of its own. Unexpected unfolding and discoveries, inventions and improvements are not only appreciated very much, they come to be expected. Thus, it becomes an inherent necessity. In this context, the neocortex of the brain is much more solicited, rather than only the cortex. Innovation is fundamental. The humanitarian or philanthropic natural inclination arises in this kind of a community as a consequence to its general behaviour.

Because we earthlings are very much different, we can look at our general behaviour as a group and compare.

The characteristics of these vegetarian humanoids are found here, in our groups, almost only among the normal female motivations. Family, health, care, and well-being, mindfulness, cognisance, appreciation of the nature (which we call ecology), respect, fraternity, solicitude or helping each other (which we call compassion or empathy), etc. The vegetarian humanoid motivations and preoccupations abide among those concerns. In our own history, the organisations which have brought to our people relief, assistance and help, even instructions and advancement have always been originating from women, and implemented by women. It is rather astonishing to see that, even restrained by a patriarchal regime, women have always found a way to succeed at implementing several humanitarian institutions. This portrays a significant contrast. It shows very clearly the inherent strength of the female nature. If they are able to do as much under a patriarchal regime, one can picture to what extent their accomplishments would lead an entire civilisation under matriarchal regime.

The female factor.

Unless it receives other signals, the embryonic tissue that gives rise to the physiological construction are developing into normal female individual (during the first trimester). Developing a male individual is more complex, because the already existing structures have to alter themselves. This is triggered by the chromosomes (xy rather than xx). A gene must prompt the undifferentiated embryonic gonad to become a testis, during the seventh week after conception. Then, the testosterone proceeds further. Being female is the elementary form. This is true not only among humanoids, but in all living structures (vegetal, animal, and humanoid). As soon as the reproduction phase is initiated, the natural system develops a female. Life itself is female. Males are accessories. They are the gene carriers, thus ensuring the diversity.

In this context, it is absolutely normal that a ‘natural humanoid society’ emerges through history as being matriarchal. In fact, the contrary brings questioning. Even more when we start looking at it closely, considering the many repercussions in our own civilisation.

The mitochondria factor.

This cell constituent (mitochondria) is not present in the original vegetal cell. The vegetal organisms are developing first in an environment where there is no oxygen. The photosynthesis is the only available option. Gradually, the vegetal organisms community (plants and alga) produces and releases so much oxygen that there is an opportunity to benefit from the new environmental conditions. Some DNA segment (as TNA, at that time), which is able to process oxygen for producing energy, takes advantage of the presence of oxygen. This DNA segment comes to form a small organism by gathering other elements. The mitochondria appear and they proliferate so much that they come to infect the vegetal cells. This brings a major revolution among the living organisms, because this new type of cell (infected with mitochondria) is able to get energy from the surrounding medium (oxygen), instead of relying on the sun (photon). Progressively, the mitochondria are completely integrating themselves into the new type of cell. And, because of that, they jettison part of their own DNA. The new type of cell, functioning with mitochondria, is developing a much different series of organisms, the animals.

In biology, all the components in the living cell are transferred to the next generation only by the mother to the children. This is called the cellular division. Among the transferred elements, there are the essential mitochondria. This cell constituent is still carrying part of its original DNA. And this is the element we can trace back through the generations of the family, and the tribes, even the species. The male sperm is not a cell; it does not carry anything but chromosomes. There is no way to trace back the origin to any elements between transfers via the male. The mitochondria’s DNA is the ascendant phylum link (ancestors) throughout generations. It is only and strictly transmitted by females. Consequently, the real natural connection between ancestors and descendants can only be followed via the females, from daughters to mothers. Women carry the real biological successor, or natural heir.

We are bringing into light three (3) key factors in the natural evolution,
which are guiding the development of matriarchal system as the natural humanoid society.

- The cellular division ensures the cellular integrity perpetuation, among generations of the actual living organisms, from mothers to daughters. The slight natural modifications to the mitochondria’s DNA can be traced back from daughters to mothers, because, those are transmitted only by females.

- The female factor is the fact that natural reproduction mechanisms are developing female individuals. Being female is the elementary form to all living structures (vegetal, animal, and humanoid).

- The female nature organises the activities of the group around humanitarian principles. This context encourages the development of the neocortex, and installs much interest toward innovations.

A normal natural civilisation is organised and governed by the females. Driven by humanitarian principles. The humanoid evolutionary progression is initiated, organised, and implemented by the females. The steps are language, fraternity, sharing, caring, health, education, and sciences. The chain of correlation is very simple: The language leads to communication. Communication leads to friendship. Friendship leads to sharing of ideas (philosophy). Sharing leads to caring. Caring for each other leads to health system and education system, which are fundamental social institutions. The implementation of those institutions leads to the development of scientific erudition. The constant advancements in the many fields of science is crucial, leading the entire civilisation to higher spheres of progression. Accordingly to the above, it appears that an advanced civilisation can only be vegetarian and matriarchal.

The language (means of communication).

Language is developing itself through the history and it is fashioned by the relations among the community. This forms the basic natural relational expression means, or way of speaking.

Vegetarian humanoids have to progress around a minimal enlightenment from science, biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. Early in their history, they have been initiated to science in general. Their language ends up carrying many scientific notions. A scientific dialect.

Following the continuous technical advancements, the language changes. It modifies itself to reflect the usual common thinking and reasoning of the people. The technical concepts are carrying their own idioms. They each have their own idiomatic terminology. In a society where people are surrounded by computers to the point where an overall cybernetic system controls each and every infrastructure and institution, a technical dialect develops itself. Therefore, a technical dialect comes to enrich the scientific dialect.

The outer foreigner’s language involves a natural relational dialect, a technical dialect, and a scientific dialect corresponding to their level of knowledge advancement.

These humanoids are living in a society where every infrastructures and institutions are managed by a vast cybernetic system. The people are communicating with the system through terminals. In this advanced society, people are carrying on a belt their own personal Multi-Purpose Mini-Terminal. One particular module in this mini-terminal monitors the electric brain waves (electroencephalogram) of the carrier. This Brain Wave Monitoring Module interprets the brain waves accordingly to a diagram representing precise ideas or intentions. When it recognises a ‘command’, it acts upon it. Like “accessing the central terminal”, for example. When the person communicates with another person or with the system, the mini-terminal simply relays the messages back and forth, to and from the central system. A kind of haptic device. People speak together normally, directly with their voice, when they are facing each other. However, they are used to communicate through the system via their mini-terminal, utilising their brain waves (their thoughts).

Early on, youngsters are encouraged to utilise their brain waves in this manner for interacting with the system through their mini-terminal. The people are accustomed with this method. Utilising their brain waves becomes natural. They develop a kind of specific alphabet related to the brain waves (thoughts) they are commonly utilising. This becomes a complement to their language.

Through many years of utilising this method, when two persons are facing each other and they are engaged into a voice communication, sometimes it happens that one receives the message a second before the other voices it. But not from the mini-terminal, directly from the other person’s brain. Of course, this phenomenon happens first between females, because they are more sensitive to natural brain waves. This tendency spreads around progressively in the community. As they usually do, they concentrate on studying this new phenomenon, and soon they become familiar with it and able to utilise it. This is not a method that allows transmission of complex ideas. On the other hand, it is perfectly suitable for transmitting emotions, impressions, and intentions.

The fact is, telepathic abilities do not emerge from nowhere, just like that. In the natural evolution, there has to be a constraining factor that will push toward that. Utilising their brain waves to interact with the telecommunication system through the mini-terminal, is the constraining factor. Logically, this is how they come to discover and utilise telepathic abilities.

The complexity.

Always focusing on the ecosystem, they are continuously facing extreme complexity. Even their own Cybernetic System, with multiple networks and all the mechanisms involved, is very complex. Therefore, their common knowledge, science, and technology advancement rapidly goes beyond the fundamental complex notions.

1 - Beyond the theory of Systems,

In short:
There are the quantum system and the complex systems.

The quantum system refers to the quantum theory.
The complex systems are divided in three (3) types:

- Order, which is in constant relative stability.
- The Chaos, which shows multiple stages of complexity.
- The Evolving system, which possess adaptation capabilities.

The concept of system is a way of seeing complicated arrangements, like very complex technical mechanisms (A car, an aeroplane or a society can be seen as a system), allowing to measure its activities and progression.

2 - Beyond the Chaos theory,

The Chaos theory involves the Mandlbrot’s, Cantor-set, and the Julia-set (fractal equations).

In short:
To express (print) the results of the observation of the cycles of a system (oscillations) in the form of points, on the plan of a graphic. This graphic reveals an extremely complex diagram. It is the system of Cantor. The Cantor-set. A way of illustrating the cycles of an apparently chaotic system to detect the underlying structures (order).

To diversify the appearance of the points by assigning them a range of colours produces a particular image. An organised image in an extremely complex manner. A fractal drawing. The fractal image illustrates the organisation, which exists inside a system, and which shows at first sight a chaotic behaviour. Doing so, we can detect and monitor the underlying order (organisation), in a broader scale of observation.

What is really interesting about this method is, some particular equation formula produces in a graphic the shapes we find in the nature. The shapes that the nature utilises. Like the leafs, the trees, seeds, river courses and so forth. Those are Julia-sets.

These are means of complex system measurements. However, we earthlings do not utilise any of them, simply because we do not have that much complex systems in our technology.

The Chaos theory also involves the Lorenz’s Attractor Disturbances ('phase-three' generation) Detecting Method. An essential technique to ensure a complete reliability to any system, to any mechanism. Especially in outstandingly complex networks.

This technique enables to measure the disturbances occurring in a system, and thus allowing identifying them way before a break down occurs.

For example, if we measure the oscillations (cycles) of the heartbeat with the Lorenz’s Attractor, we can detect the disturbance (the phase-three appearance), which would lead to a heart attack, long before the heart attack happens. What is so important about this technique is, it installs an extremely appreciable room for manoeuvre, to identify the causes of a disturbance and to proceed correcting them. The probabilities of failure thus become substantially narrowed. Exceptionally limited. It is indispensable for managing the extremely complex mechanisms, like those that are involved in this advanced humanoid society. When everything relies on a huge complex cybernetic network, failure is not acceptable. Furthermore, the applications become so precise that people can not perform them anymore. Those have to be carried out by machines.

Studying the ecosystem on a large scale to a high level of comprehension is not possible without being able to know in advance which probability will be carried out by the system. It would be like trying to follow the progression of the climate while different variations are occurring everywhere on the planet at the same time. Therefore, the Lorenz’s Attractor Disturbances Detecting Method, among others, is mandatory.

3 - Beyond the Strings theory. (and the M theory).

A complicated theory, which expresses the Cosmos/Sub-cosmos consideration of the space fabric (Positive mass matter, and negative mass matter).

In short:
The concept that there are two opposite forms of the matter (particles and sub-particles), in the space substance. A Positive mass matter domain (The Cosmos, ionised gas) and a negative mass matter domain (The Sub-cosmos). Like two “dimensions” adhering to each other yet isolated from each other.

[Personally, I do not like the word “dimension”, because it refers to other theories splitting the universe in many dimensions where other realities would be existing. I do not subscribe to that kind of splitting the universe. And from outer foreigners, nothing leads in that direction.]

The Sub-cosmos is seen as a negative mass region, rather than a completely different “dimension”. A negative mass region (Sub-cosmos), and a positive mass region (Cosmos). According with those two forms of matter (mass), the Cosmos is floating in the Sub-cosmos, like a gigantic cloth agitated by the wind. The Cosmos is bending and unbending in different periods and in different locations. Electromagnetic waves (including light) are following the positive mass region, the Cosmos.

- Humanoids have come to utilise the nanite technology.
This is a very dangerous technology for uninstructed people to play with. The Outer Foreigners must be utilising the nanites, because on the level of technology they have reached, the technical applications are much too precise and complex to be performed by humanoids. These applications have to be completed by machines. In addition, the use of nanites allows intervention on physical matter at the nanometric scale.

The nanites technology is somewhat comparable to the DNA alteration technology. This is only performed to organisms on which the reproduction process has been made inoperative. This precaution is fundamental, because the modified organisms must never be integrated into the ecosystem. Whether it is a nanite or a DNA altered organism, those are controlled by computers. If ever the communication between them is interrupted, or a malfunction appears, self-destruction is triggered immediately.

To be consistent with years of observations (sightings), there are several other fundamental principles, which have to be involved in the Outer Foreigner’s technology. The actual model portrays how these are significant part of their knowledge.

4- Free energy / Spatial Vacuum Energy Density[1].

This technology is related to the ionised gas concepts and notions, in the plasma astrophysics. It brings the same kind of autonomy the nature has. A device picks up the energy directly from the surrounding medium. They get the energy they need everywhere and they use it to activate their appliances.

5- Scalar Electromagnetic Waves[2].

This technology involves a particular approach to the advanced physiological applications, related to electromagnetic radiation and physics. Antoine Prioré, Kasmatchief, and Wittaker studies have focussed on several applications from these notions.

Basically, the combination of two notions, the “Antoine Prioré method” and the “Whittaker approach”, confer means to heal any physiological dysfunction or disease. The reverse procedure of the same technique confers very effective means of defence (harmless and/or damaging).

(See Thomas E. Bearden: Antoine Prioré, [Procedure and Assemblage for Production of Radiation Especially Serviceable for the Treatment of Living Cells.] Republique Francais: Brevet d'Invention P.V. No. 899.414, French Patent 1,342,772, Oct. 7, 1963).

(See Thomas E. Bearden: E.T. Whittaker, "On the Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics," Mathematische Annalen, Vol. 57, 1903, p. 333-355; (b) — "On an Expression of the Electromagnetic Field Due to Electrons by Means of Two Scalar Potential Functions," Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Series 2, Vol. 1, 1904, p. 367-372.).

- As an essential complement, the “Hutchison Effect”[3].
Hutchison studies have brought forward many techniques and methods related to electromagnetism. These are extremely useful and the humanoids are utilising appliances involving advanced comprehension in this field of science.

Physiological adaptation.

The only outer foreigner physiological examination the public knows about is an autopsy performed in secrecy on a female humanoid. To us (earthlings), it appears that she suffers from Polydactylie, and Turner syndrome.

[See: Raymond Santilli, Merlin Group, London, UK. for the entire deposition of the physicist who did analyse the document.]

- On the original 16mm Kodak film (1949), we can see perfectly a physician removing with great care opaque ocular lenses from the eye globes. The only logical and scientific reason for the presence of opaque ocular lenses on humanoids eye globe is for protection against intense luminescence. We have seen above how the electromagnetic field drive vehicle requires the operator and passengers to wear such opaque lenses. Plantier’s theory is still the first and only scientific and accurate theory on this subject. During more than 50 years, nobody could figure out exactly how this electromagnetic mechanism could be interacting with gravity. Everything became apparent once the ionised gas space environment theory, related to plasma astrophysics, came into light (electric universe). Therefore, there is an obvious and very substantial link between Plantier’s theory, opaque lenses on outer foreigners eye globes, and plasma astrophysics.

Plantier’s theory. (Magazine: “Forces Aériennes Françaises”, septembre 1952 [p. 219] or in his book: “La Theorie Plantier”, 1956) - (Lieutenant Plantier was a military pilot, in the French army).

- The Turner syndrome is a chromosomal aberration that occurs only to women, on the earth. It involves nanism, ovary sterility and various malformations. The victims do not live beyond nine (9) or twelve (12) years old (See Medical history).

The female humanoid on which the autopsy is performed is obviously older. Every organs are well developed. They are those of a healthy normal adult female.

Inferences (deductions):

A- The Turner Syndrome has to have been manipulated not to cause death. Therefore, this genetic deviation has been intentionally induced (DNA/Chromosome alteration, before the reproduction). Performing a physiological manipulation like this one certainly requires very significant reasons.

B- This genetic modification involves sterility.
Consequently, it can not be applied to the entire population. Then, it is fair to assess this genetic modification is only applied to a limited percentage of the population on their planet.

C- This genetic modification involves Nanism.
This characteristic appears perfectly consistent when we are considering the extremely narrow habitat inside the electromagnetic field drive vehicle. The interior of the cosmic vehicle is very restricted because of imperatives resulting from the structure and the mechanisms. Also, considering the length of time travelling in space requires, regular pilots, operators and crews who are spending most of their time travelling in space would largely benefit from nanism. Limited room is a key factor.

An exceeding number of population on the planet is not critical enough. There are much better ways to deal with that.

D- The sterility factor.
Travelling in space involves extremely long periods of time.
[See details below.]
This specific type of occupation requires that operators and crews spend most of their time living inside a confined habitat. Travelling in space involves several months each time, during many years as a career. In this context, one can understand that the humanoids have found a way to alleviate the reproduction-related disturbances (testosterone, female periods, etc.) in this situation of closed promiscuity. Sterility allows for better convenience.

Altering the reproduction system (sterility) also affects all the other physiological sexual secondary factors. As a result, the ovaries or testicles will not produce the corresponding hormones. On the original 16mm Kodak film (1949), we can clearly see these repercussions on the female humanoid. Though the female genitalia are normal, the breasts have not developed. The pillosity has not developed (no hair). The lipid mass on the body does not present the female attributes we are used to (shape).

- Polydactylie is a rare malformation characterised by the presence of supernumerary fingers and toes (See Medical history). This means an additional finger will develop on each hand, and an additional toe will develop on each foot. On the original 16mm Kodak film (1949), we can see the female humanoid has six (6) fingers and six (6) toes.

E- The Supernumerary fingers factor.
These humanoids are living in a social environment where the individual is surrounded by technological mechanisms, extremely advanced instruments, apparatus, and computers. People are interacting constantly with a network of complex systems managed by a cybernetic system. In this context, one can understand the presence of supernumerary fingers is regarded as an improvement, rather than a defect.

Consequently, since we can understand the Turner syndrome has been set intentionally, it is fair to assess that the polydactylie appears as one of the various malformations that are implicit to the Turner syndrome.

6- DNA alteration technology.

The inferences we are able to lay down from the consequences to the presence of the Turner syndrome (nanism, ovary sterility, polydactylie) in the context of an advance civilisation, are leading to understand the purpose.

This is a case of intentional DNA manipulation toward improving the physiological condition to specific individuals, which is considered in the context of a closed promiscuity inside a confined habitat. The temporary passengers are normal humanoids. The standard crew and operators to the cosmic vehicles are very specific individuals.

It is fair to presume that a male version of this ‘physiological condition’ does exist.

The terminology I am utilising to identify this peculiar physiological condition comes from four words (in French):

- The prefix “an-…”; meaning “anti or not to”,

- The particle “-Andro-”; from androgène (French word),
(An hormonal substance which causes the development of the sexual secondary factors),

- The particle “-gène-“; as in génération (French word, generating, creating something),

- The particle “-oïd.”; as in “humanoid”. (who presents human characters).

The term is: Anandrogenoid (Anandrogenoïd, in French).

The signification is:
Induced, not generated (absence of) sexual secondary factors, humanoid.

This is a Female Anandrogenoid being:
An individual that comes from advised and deliberate DNA manipulation of the Turner Syndrome to obtain Sterility, Nanism and Polydactylie as a specific and exceptional condition.

- The Sterility alleviates the reproduction-related disturbances.
- The Nanism complies with the limited room inside the cosmic vehicle.
- The Polydactylie brings a dexterity improvement.

This is bringing into light the existence of two types of individuals in the outer foreigner civilisation:
The normal humanoids (females and males), and a limited percentage of anandrogenoid beings (sterile females and sterile males), the cosmic vehicle standard crews and operators group.

The culture/interactivity.

The development of a humanoid being is fashioned by series of habits and customs. These have been gradually implemented in the society throughout the history of the people. A culture represents the entire understanding and common knowledge circling in the society. It has its own perceptions, its own interpretations, its own definitions, its very own version of the reality.

In this advanced civilisation, there are two fields of activities. The common activities unfolding everyday in the society on the planet, and those which are unfolding in space. The inherent cultural identity has to be strongly implemented among the entire people before they come to access the intercosmic realm. Because, further progress implies very significantly the relations they will be establishing with foreign civilisations on the same level. On the intercosmic level, the complex organisation of these civilisations has to be flexible enough to be responding to the diverse foreign cultures they encounter. Association between these advanced societies allows them to work in tandem at improving each their own progression. The increase in knowledge, innovations, and technical improvements are helping them bettering the integration of their civilisation to the universe, or their adherence to the natural principles. A kind of synthesis with the natural system they are seeking to achieve. Therefore, the worst thing that could ever happen to a civilisation, and prevent it from progressing further, is isolation.

Space is the meeting place. There is no fusion between the inherent influences, from each specific civilisation or culture, but rather collaboration within the diversity. Thus, they are finding means to express each their own traditions. Even, every specific culture is reinforcing itself in this context. The evolution, or the progression, is not owned by some outstanding elder civilisations somewhere. The evolutionary progression is the result of the manner in which civilisations are behaving. It translates each their own attitude, their own temperament, their own comportment. Their modus vivendi. The evolutionary progression characterises these super-civilisations, which are grouping together on corresponding levels.

The intercosmic civilisations are contributing to others, not so much with the efficiency of their technology, but rather with the specific differences they each represent. Every culture is different and very difficult to comprehend. The level of gratitude and humility a civilisation expresses toward the others is founded on the indispensable contribution these inherent differences are bringing to the entire context. This is the essence of diversity.

The existence of this diversity, the variety of cultures, on the galactic scale and even beyond, is enforcing the development of the local evolutionary progression. Because it encourages collaboration. Every civilisation has its very own personality. It expresses itself by the manner in which it manages the activities on the planet, the utilisation of opportunities presented by the space environment, and the relations it establishes with foreign civilisations. Intercosmic civilisations specialise themselves on particular field of activities. They become extremely specialised, experts, mastering specific methods and applications. Still, they are able to function within a unity, since they are in constant contact with each other. This is the essence of integration.

Betterment of the technological efficiency, which is brought forward by the constant increase in knowledge, is the instrument always pushing forward the evolutionary progression. And, this has repercussions on many fields in the society.

Since elder civilisations are overseeing the local evolutionary progression, they are monitoring closely the community of people that do not have access to the space environment yet. Every nation progresses in its own fashion. Some take longer than others, some never make it to higher horizons. Each is encountering imperatives that are specific to the local context. Eventually, they all have to learn solving the difficulties by utilising respectful technologies, with consideration toward all living creatures, and by mastering the neocortex capabilities. Innovation is the key. Complete respectful integration to the local planetary system is the grand accomplishment triggering a contact, and later sharing with them the technology for intercosmic travelling. Because solving this equation involves genuine integral dedication toward harmonious evolutionary progression. There are no alternatives to that.

Advanced civilisations are quite rarely involving themselves at helping others solving the local problems. Because, they must experience their own solutions. Working toward attaining that objective encourages people to put forward their very own characteristics and abilities (personality, temperament, perceptions, understanding, etc.). The inherent significance is the diversity factor they present, and which they will eventually bring into the context if they succeed. If the helping hand is too strong, it will contaminate the local culture. Trying to acquire notions and concepts which are completely foreign to them will be altering their own natural diversity. Nevertheless, helping them envisioning a reality which they are not familiar with ensures that they are not left alone.

Comparing with the kind of attitude, temperament, approach and behaviour we, as earthlings, are used to (particularly as per strategies and tactics), it is absolutely imperative to understand that outer foreigners are guided by consideration that are pertaining to women’s viewpoint and perception, feminine cognisance and consideration. Although this can appear insignificant to many, it is absolutely crucial for understanding them. Furthermore, since our actual behaviour is altered by the regime we are currently living under, we have to consider the original female inner nature. The Close Operations outer foreigners are performing here, around our planet and into the atmosphere, can not be understood otherwise. The broader picture has to comprehend a Matriarchal Regime context.

Immediately, we do gather that our intimate convictions and culture are encountering an intense contrast.

When advanced humanoids have to communicate with foreigners, they have to alter the original message so it can be understood. They have no choice but to transmit short phrases, and concise idioms. Telepathic transmission is very useful making them able to state their intentions clearly, without being misunderstood.

The most evident characteristic to outer foreigners is, they do not want to deal with uncertainty. They always limit the number of probabilities. At all times, they have the hand and they control the situation.

They are utilising instruments which are very different from those earthlings are accustomed with. However, people can easily expect their purpose.

Close operations always involve light emissions and magnetic disturbances. Because, they are utilising a variety of interactive electromagnetic beams and sensor rays to probe, investigate and analyse everything. Among these, they are utilising a particular interactive beam on specific acupuncture points of the body. In this manner, they are able to induce all kinds of physiological state. It is absolutely futile to resist.

None of their activities are threatening. Outer foreigners are simply performing activities related to an information gathering operation on a large scale. It is also possible that some individuals on the earth are subjected to individual social behaviour monitoring operations. Things are leading to presume that outer foreigners are collecting data to fine tweak a model of our regime, so they can study and anticipate our behaviour in the present, and in the future. These are all part of an elaborate research in sociology.

They know earthling’s natural predisposition to violent behaviour (especially males). When they anticipate negative reactions, they take control of the physiological voluntary system. When it is required, they hide the whole or parts of the occurrence in the subconscious level of the intellect.

When the witness (or the subject) is a male, chances are outer foreigners will take full control and future recollection will be denied. When the witness (or the subject) is a female, since her mind is opened to feelings and emotions, chances are they will loosen the mental grip, and see if a communication is likely to transpire. They will remain monitoring much more closely.

One of their standard procedures is utilising telepathic transmission to send and to receive basic emotions and thoughts. They usually utilise it to comfort people during the operations. If the witness (or the subject) is not mentally stunned and overwhelmed by their presence and the whole experience, they regard that person in a different manner and they do act correspondingly.

Most of the time, the fear earthlings have about outer foreigners is the barrier between both cultures. Once earthlings understand that they are presenting no danger, whatsoever, the perception is transformed and thus, a more opened interaction becomes possible.

When two cultures are encountering each other, two different universes are colliding. What expresses something to one, expresses something else to the other. Communication becomes a tight frontier. The definition of the simplest notion comes from the cultural specific background. Misinterpretation causes misunderstandings.

Respect toward a foreign culture illustrates the state of evolution a culture rests upon. If one wishes to communicate with someone from an other culture, one’s own cultural background becomes a misleading adviser. One must disregard completely the cultural background and try really hard to assimilate a lot more than only the outlines of the other person’s own culture. This is an exercise that is necessary to the comprehension of each other, and it requires a very important personal endowment. The Cultural Shock is something very serious, critical, and extremely dangerous, because it is likely to lead to confrontation. Bewilder comes from ignorance.

Interactivity between civilisations among the galaxy, is an unknown dynamic to earthlings. On our planet, people are bonded to activities that bother with stocks outgrowth, markets and financial exchanges. “Buying and selling” is our one and only motivation. Some people do not get along very much with others around them. Some people tend to reject immediately those who are different. On our planet, what has happened throughout history between the different cultures when encountering each other is, tragically, most significant.

Venturing out.

Humanoids have constructed a variety of conveyors utilising electromagnetic levitation. Common underground transport system for people. Material and equipment conveyance. And many other means for individual transit in the society.

The electromagnetic field drive vehicle becomes the standard flight craft. They can travel at great speeds in the atmosphere, in water, and in space for observation operations, performing studies, and other similar designs. Once they understand completely the ecosystem on their planet, they concentrate at scrutinising their solar system in the same manner. However, it is still impossible to reach any other solar system.

The speed of light (300 000km/sec.) is the maximum speed a particle or a sub-particle can reach. It is a velocity not reachable by any physical structure (objects, vessel). Light speed would require 4000 years to reach a planetary system situated at 4000 light years distance (light year: 300 000km/sec. during a whole year). Our galaxy is 100 000 light years wide.

For example, the distance between Mars and Neptune is 28.5 A.U. (A.U.: Astronomical Unit: 1AU is the distance between earth and the sun). The electromagnetic field drive vehicle can easily reach a speed of 50 000km/sec. (50 000 000m/s, metres per seconds). [Many radar stations on the earth have recorded outer foreigners transiting at speeds over 65 000km/sec]. At 50 000km/sec., it requires almost 24 hours to go from Mars to Neptune.

- Speed (velocity) can not be increased enough for transiting in space.

Advanced science acknowledges the fact that the representation of “time” in general relativity and quantum mechanics is fundamentally incompatible. The only way to solve what has become known as the Wheeler-DeWitt equation (describing the entire universe) is by leaving “time” out of the picture. Thus, “time” is not a physical entity. What we, earthlings, are representing as “time” is an illusion created by the ever changing environment (duration, interval, progression). To measure the time (length, duration), we are referring to a reputed more or less regular cycle. 24 hours corresponds to one rotation of our planet on itself. In space, the time length (reference cycle) changes as we are changing the reference point we are currently monitoring. In the universe, there is no “time”. There are only variations and movements.

- Time can not be altered (time travelling is a fallacy).

Referring to the Strings theory, when the Cosmos bends or curves on itself, on a particular location, the space is like the surface of a mountain. Transiting in the cosmos (positive region), where electromagnetic waves are cruising, corresponds to walking on the surface of the mountain. Accessing the sub-cosmos (negative region) for transiting into this field corresponds to a tunnel inside the mountain. The duration/distance of the transit is thus very much reduced.

A vessel in the state of positive mass reaches the appropriate locations in space (cosmos, positive region). Once close enough to the local singularity (cosmos bending), the operator accesses the sub-cosmos by means of inverting the polarity of the mass to the vehicle and its content (changing the particles and sub-particle mass, from positive to negative). The vessel continues transiting in the sub-cosmos (negative region) until it reaches near the destination point. Once there, the operator re-inverts the polarity to the vehicle, from negative to positive, and re-accesses the cosmos again. The vessel continues transiting in space (cosmos, positive region) until it reaches the destination. Close proximity manoeuvres and procedures are then mandatory.

Humanoids are utilising the sub-cosmos (cosmic tunnel) for transiting between solar systems in the galaxy. The mass-inversion technique does not require extreme high speeds, or extreme duration, because the astronomical distances are not as great. Normal physics is not altered in any way. However, the vessel still needs to reach the appropriate location in space. There are different sites where they find appropriate cosmos-bending singularities. Reaching every waypoints on a cosmic trip takes a long time, many months.

[The only image in the earthlings culture we can bring to illustrate this type of transiting in space is the “wormhole jump’’. Though this representation helps to understand, it does not portrays accordingly the cosmos-bending singularity, neither the cosmic tunnel, nor the mass-inversion technique.]

They have to plan the cosmic transits way ahead. Missions are organised and prepared a long time in advance. Huge carriers are freighted with smaller vessels. The pilots are anandrogenoid humanoids, and these are the cosmic vessels they are handling. A variety of operators, crews and specialised teams are accommodated in the ship. A complex and extremely detailed virtual communication system ensures that passenger are constantly linked with the terminals on their planet. They remain able to interact with their people at all times. They can reach in several months a solar system thousands of light years away.

Intercosmic transiting utilises the cosmos-bending singularity as a cosmic tunnel, which is accessible by the mass-inversion technique.

This technique offers another advantage.
Normally, people can not see the present situation about other solar systems and planets. Because, the image (light) an observer is receiving now has left the object thousands of years before. It is showing the past of the object. The image (light) leaving the object at the present time will reach the observer only thousands of years later. Consequently, in the universe the present image (light) or situation is always hidden behind the distance.

The mass-inversion technique allows humanoids to reach in a relatively short time the object they want to monitor. They see the object and the exact situation at the present time.

From there, close to the object, when they go away from the object, they can pick up the light (image) that is actually transiting away from the object. When they reach a point very far from the object, and they pick up the light (image) that is there at that moment, they see what the object looked like years before. The number of years corresponds to the distance. Closer to the object, younger the image. Farther from the object, older the image.

- Each step they are going away from the object, utilising the mass-inversion for transiting,
they are able to see backward the evolution that the object went through.

- Each step they are going closer to the object in the same manner,
they are able to see the normal evolution the object went through, as it happened.

This is Observation by Capture of Light Emission.
Light Emission Capturing observation technique.

With this observation technique, by capturing the image (light) on different distances from an object, they are able to see and to understand specific situations and developments, which can not be observed nor comprehended otherwise. Especially the actual present situation about constellations and solar systems in our galaxy.

The perception.

On the planet Earth, people have to realise that philosophy, sciences and techniques are far more advanced than what is circling in general among the common popular perception. Many known technologies and methods are still not put to use. Simply because the costs related to such applications are much too high. For example, if we build a car with every technological gadgets and devices related to assisting transiting, we would have a perfectly safe and reliable means of transportation. Radar and GPS location devices. Infrared and laser positioning devices. Integrated phone, internet and video communication system. Virtual imaging HUD display and auto-responding onboard computer. Titane frame and one piece moulded structure. Electric wheel motors, polarised material for inducing electric currents, and photovoltaic cells. This would be a perfect autonomous vehicle, but much too expensive. This is the major difference between earthlings and outer foreigners: pecuniary driven concerns.

When we keep in mind the highest level of knowledge available to date, and the reputed technical capabilities, figures and facts, which appeared whimsical at first glance, are becoming clear simple evidences. And the fact is, every time our knowledge makes a step further ahead, more details and characteristics observed on outer foreigner’s manifestation are coming to light.

The outer foreigner vessels are presenting many unusual effects. They make no sounds. According to our pilots, compass needles were seen to rotate, when they encounter outer foreigner vessels. They must be utilising some kind of electromagnetism related technologies. The "falling leaf motions” when they are slowly descending is typical. However, they also display other oscillatory motions. This reveals an internal regulation and intelligent control. The utilisation of electromagnetism is obvious. We can not really see them when they are close to their vehicle. Images appear strange and distorted. This is a consequence of the Zeeman effect. The outer foreigners we seldom see have a blemish skin. They must spend long periods of time inside confined habitats, their cosmic vessels. Hence, they must be coming from very far, and space travelling might be involving an important part of their life. Outer foreigners are wearing opaque ocular lenses. It means they have to protect their eyes from an intense luminescence. Either they are much too sensitive to the light from our star (the sun), or the technology involved in the vessel they are utilising must be producing a great amount of light emissions. They have a significantly slender face around the mouth, which is very small showing a very thin almost pointed chin. They must have been not utilising the muscles around the mouth for a very long time. This relates clearly to their nutrition habits.

They do not contaminate our environment, and they have been seen sterilising the vessel before leaving our atmosphere. They do not use violence. Some outer foreigners did use means for defending themselves, to prevent any use of violence toward them from our people. In almost 30 years of monitoring and studying the outer foreigners phenomenon, there is only one case involving a physical response from their part. In 1950, a vessel was stationed on the ground near a desert, in North-America. An adult male was passing by driving his car. He stopped, took the rifle from the back of the car, and he proceeded walking toward the vessel. At 20 feet (7 metres) from the vessel, the person aimed the rifle at the vessel. At that moment, a beam of radiation came out from the vessel hitting the person on the chest. He went to the ground, paralysed, looking at the vessel hovering and leaving the area. The person began feeling numb, sick to his stomach, and he went to the local hospital. There was a circle on his chest, one (1) foot diameter (32cm), with small darker dots inside the circumference. The diagnostic was an unknown type of gamma radiation related disease to the internal organs. After this event, all close contacts between outer foreigners and earthlings involves paralysis of the physiological voluntary system and hiding the memory of the event under the subconscious levels of the brain (sometimes, parts of the memory can be retrieved via hypnosis).

Everything leads to assume that outer foreigners actually closely monitor our civilisation. Many details are suggesting that there are several outer foreigner nations involved in this large-scale operation. Official contact with our civilisation is not the intention. Rather a slow and progressive adaptation to their presence seam to be one of the purpose.

Earthlings are very reluctant to acknowledge their presence. Humans are afraid of them, because violence is a significant part of the culture, and people are lead to expect brutality. It is difficult to understand what is happening because human’s level of knowledge is stagnant, and it is still on much lower levels of evolution. Outer foreigners are not destroying human’s culture, human’s way of life, even if they have clearly stated many times in the past not approving it. Therefore, we can conclude they do respect other life forms. This temperament must come from a culture that has been encouraging such perception since the prehistoric era.

This kind of mentality (way of thinking) we are observing from their part, which is very different from humans on our planet, must be profoundly embedded in their culture.

- The physiological details on their face are indicating that they are not utilising the muscles responsible for mastication (chewing food).

- The absence of violence and the respect toward life in general are indicating a high level of magnanimity and humanitarian consideration.

- Since these factors are in direct contradiction with carnivore nutrition habits related considerations and culture, vegetarianism must be the foundation of outer foreigner’s culture.

- The high level of magnanimity and distinct humanitarian considerations are in direct contradiction with patriarchal regime related consideration.

- The outer foreigners overall attitude, temperament, and general behaviour, especially their strategies and tactics, are in many ways contradictory to the male nature.

- There are three (3) key factors in the natural evolution, which are responsible for high level of magnanimity and distinct humanitarian consideration:

The cellular division (perpetuation of the mitochondria),
The female reproduction factor (elementary form to all living structures),
The female community nature (humanitarian principles/development of the neocortex),

- Since these factors are guiding the development of matriarchal system as the natural humanoid society, Matriarchal regime must be the foundation of outer foreigner’s civilisation.

After analysing all the facts, figures and scientific notions, humans have to assume that:
Outer foreigners are humanoids representative of Advanced Matriarchal Vegetarian Civilisations.

The A.M.V.C. Model.

This is the only type of civilisation able to allow its people to attain all the elements that are accountable for causing every detail humans are witnessing from outer foreigners.

Some earthlings, from a particular country on the planet, have a natural tendency to be offended by the presence and the operations outer foreigners are performing inside our planet’s atmosphere.
Some of their operations can be regarded as an intrusion into our integrity. Let us consider every outer foreigner civilisation is vegetarian and matriarchal. Then, it appears perfectly normal for them to concentrate at studying these 'youngsters' (earthlings), to understand what is wrong with them and to try laying a helping hand.

It looks like they are studying our civilisation in every way they can, following the progression (in our past history, a variety of elements are leading to conclude they have been monitoring earthlings for a very long time). They are producing a significant impact on our society by inserting and maintaining the concept of "aliens". Outer foreigners are now present in our culture.

The significant impact on our society, which is directly linked to them, is the presence of alien visitors in the movies (stories) we are making, in the commercial advertising we are producing, and among the toys that we are fabricating.

If outer foreigners had any malevolent intentions,
we would have seen it clearly, significantly, undoubtedly.

A Different Civilization.

The portray that emerges here presents a type of civilisation humans can conceive and comprehend. One can even see a culture in the background. With this template in mind, when one would eventually encounter outer foreigners, maybe one would think twice before attempting to shoot at them. Because this kind of attitude will only result in provoking very unpleasant injuries to oneself. Instead of trying running away like an innocent terrified deer, it would be much more appropriate to try engaging a conversation with these anthropologically different humanoid beings, and ask some intelligent questions.

On the Earth, the only applications humans are able to draw from technology are pecuniary oriented. Earthlings can not even feed the entire population on their planet. They can not cure the population from simple diseases. Earthling’s civilisation is not yet able to educate its entire population. People on the planet Earth are not even contented, and “suicide” becomes an option for a solution before the living conditions. When people are suffering that much, and when "surviving" makes no sense, interrogation must take place.

Considering the culture that we can discern above, in this A.M.V.C. Model, from outer foreigner’s standpoint, they would have valuable reasons for being particularly angry with earthlings. However, for them, acting upon that would be inconsistent. Humanoids from an advanced matriarchal vegetarian civilisation are not thinking that way.

Outer foreigners do not care about pecuniary exchanges, stocks, markets, and holdings. When they need anything, they take it, fast, clean, and simple, without anybody noticing.

Outer foreigners do not care about any ‘conspiracy’. They could have eradicated earthlings clean, fast, and simple, without anybody interfering. (Spreading a disease we can not cure would be child’s play for them). They are far more intelligent then that. Everything points toward a vast sociological study, and a gradual mind awakening process. Getting earthlings used to the fact that “they are not alone”, while gathering data.

Thinking that outer foreigners do not exist is perfectly legitimate.
However, it does not obliterate their existence.

In the nature, nothing is isolated. Everything functions among interactivity. Because, everything needs what others are producing.

Recognising the outer foreigner’s presence forces earthlings to position their own situation on a lower level. Obviously, some just can not cope with that.

Some earthlings are used to find themselves very brilliant. Today, on the entire planet, the variety of problems earthlings are facing shows clearly how much they are not.

Integration to the local ecosystem is vital. When a civilisation can not comply with the natural systems that it rests upon, all the problems it will be facing will monopolise all the potentials. Consequently, that civilisation is not able to attempt higher levels of evolution, like travelling in space. Think about this: what would happen to the planets on which earthlings could export their regime? Understandingly enough, that can not be aloud. Consequently, people have nothing to worry about outer foreigners, because if they got outside of their solar system, deference toward the environment, toward other life forms and living beings is unquestionably inherent in their culture.

Outer foreigners do not have to place implants to monitor other beings. They rather install a beacon by arranging particular molecules for that purpose. Implants are only put in place on earthlings body to test their abilities and technology. They have inseminated several women. They removed and took the embryos away. They are educating those hybrid humanoids to become “translators”, between their culture and earthling’s culture. Hence, hoping our people in the future will be much less afraid of the hybrid humanoid translators, an official contact could become possible.

Zeeman effect.

When comparing our civilization with theirs,
Earthling’s civilisation has no choice:

- We must elevate our global level of knowledge.
- We must work to fully integrate our civilisation to the ecosystem.

Otherwise, the regime we are living under will slowly but surely transform us into “borgs”. And, we will never be aloud to get outside our solar system. When all the resources on our planet will be spoiled and extinct, our civilisation will expire. Like a parasite, which has exhausted its host. This is where we are heading to, until we apply significant changes.


The A.M.V.C. Model (Advanced Matriarchal Vegetarian Civilisation), which is described above, is presenting a civilisation that corresponds to everything we know, from our knowledge and from the history of the sightings (over 60 years for modern sightings, and much more from the anthropological point of view). Of course, outer foreigners are different. It is obvious. It is not a secret. Every little thing we get from witnesses and from studying them tells us how much they are different. Their mentality appears to be the complete contrary of ours.

The A.M.V.C. Model shows why and how that can be.

If outer foreigners were coming here happy saying “wow guys, you did astonishingly well, we are very proud of the accomplishment of your people throughout history. Congratulations! Here, lets shake hands and conquer the galaxy together!”, it would be a complete different story.

It is not the case. They are so different we prefer to ignore them.

“Destruction” thrives in the midst of inferior levels of evolution: Carnivore animals.
If Humans are the premium accomplishment of the universe,
don’t you think they are destined to blossom on higher levels?

-[DataJY]- © 2006, v2
Jean-Yves Leblanc

This document is the English condensed version
of my book “Civilisation Humanoïde”;

Civilisation Humanoïde” (Free/Gratuit, 255 pages)

[1]Free energy / spatial vacuum energy density:

[2]Scalar electromagnetic waves:

[3]The Hutchison Effect (Antigravity):


- December, 2010;
The first plausible clear link toward Telepathy,
from outer foreigners part!

Information about "diatonic ratios"
deriving from studies on Crop Circles.

This analysis (new link):

Frederick William Henry Myers)

Leads to Frederic (William Henry) Myers,
who was a classical scholar, poet, philosopher, and past president of the Society for Psychical Research (UK). Quite astonishing he was very interested in Telepathy, a pioneer in that field! And we know outer foreigners make use of telepathy. The modern cases (from 1940 to nowdays) always mension outer foreigners communicating by telepathy with the witness/subjects.

I think their (Outer Foreigner's) suggestion "where to look" is evident.

This is one of the many classical unexpected links
we often find when digging into outer foreigners material!

I wish to thank Paul Anderson
(who did communicate with me from a suggestion by Colin Andrew) for telling me about Gerald Hawkins and his diatonic ratios analysis. This made me find that link with Telepathy.

Society for Psychical Research



- February, 2012;

I do understand reading carefully all these documents can be arduous for many people. And reading those diagonally (fast reading) results in missing everything that is important. It is very sad, even tragic, this essential intellectual activity (reading and reasoning) is becoming rather depreciated, slowly abandoned for preferring watching video.

Comprehension builds itself with studying all the matter related to a particular subject. With this phenomenon (Outer Foreigners), it is almost the same as working on a Master Degree. Reading, watching, and comparing many documents, writing notes, searching and reading about those notes, etc. Analyzing everything and comparing details. And finally gathering a synthesis with all elements.

The core reality behind the existence of outer foreigners requires to understand very well the inherent specifics related to ethnology: examining the differences between ethnics. And according with history, earthlings in general are far remote from this perception. Adding to that pecuniary related considerations are narrowing all concerns and opinions to simple and basic materialism (economy system activities).

Try and picture a child raised in a society where abundance reigns. Basic nutrition is supplied to everyone by distribution of ONCs (Organic Nutrients Caplets), and distilled water provisions. One can always pick up fruits in various trees along any exterior promenades, or even make a variety of juices. Every appliances, equipment, infrastructures, and buildings are electrically autonomous by getting energy whether from photovoltaic cells or from built-in self-conductive materials. Everything is fabricated for lasting the longest time possible (durability), available for everyone, everywhere on the planet. If something in particular does not exist already, it is fabricated and published as soon as demanded. All residues are gathered and treated in absolute ecological manner. People are living among parks, groves, forests, lakes, rivers, and pristine wildlife. Megalithic structures are standing in several places for reminding important events in history. He or she can decide to concentrate on studying for developing specific innate or inner abilities, as an occupation for his or her career. Fields and domains of application are virtually limitless. Writer, poet, troubadour, gardener, inventor, designer, school teacher, technician, specialized operator, pilot, nurse, doctor, scientist, researcher, etc. Every occupation is equally estimable for the well being of the entire civilization. The nature and its ecology is the encyclopaedia they rely on. The overall administration takes form within a global cybernetic system, which several networks control all infrastructures and institutions. People are living in a social environment where the individual is uphold and assisted with all sorts of technological mechanisms, extremely advanced instruments, elaborate apparatus, actroid assistants or android attachés, and huge database computers. Everyone is interacting constantly with a network of complex systems, three-dimension virtual imageries and holograms, and telecommunication via individual mini-terminal. With time, their language has come to include natural relational dialect, technical dialect, and scientific dialect corresponding to their level of knowledge and advancement. Adding to that telepathic abilities and related impression of thoughts/ideas. On the planet, indeed there are regional cultural differences, however they all belong to one ethnic and dialects come from the same language. Therefore, they are curious and interested about other civilizations, which are evidently different “ethnics”. The Regime is dedicated at making sure everything functions correctly, everyone is fostered, healthy, and content. In space, they are mainly occupied at observing local planets and other planetary systems, geodesic systems and ecosystems, studying the environment in general (space). One reason is to improve their own activities, making sure they are not affecting negatively any of the natural systems. The other reason is they are learning everything from that. This is how they get all the knowledge they are gathering and storing.

This portrays the cultural background outer foreigners are coming from.

In that society, the concept of “stealing” makes no sense. Why would any one want to steal anything? Even, lying would be very difficult with almost every adult able to read impressions and thoughts just by looking at you intensely, one would rarely get away with anything. Childhood is very different. The concept of “scarcity” has no meaning because these people can get anything they need anywhere on the planet and in their solar system, and probably even beyond. These people understand the notion of “violence” as predators in the ecosystem utilize it. And that has been what they always managed to escape, in their prehistoric era, as vegetarian species. But this idea among human beings (humanoids) is certainly repugnant to them. Expression of violence, or violent behaviour is regarded as pathology and treated as such. Undoubtedly, they are living close to wildlife, birds and animals are probably everywhere in parks and gardens one can wonder how they are keeping predators at distance. Since no one is expressing violence toward them, perhaps most predators came to respect humans and they rarely attack anyone. Many children have some kind of relationship with an animal, as a companion, and care for affectionately. Oftentimes, they meet and play together. Overcrowded population in cities and traffic congestion in transports are none existent. There are not many people who need to attend a physical place or building for performing his or her occupation, mostly everything is done via remote user-interface. Great number of individuals living in close proximity to each other, packed or crowded in buildings is not necessary. It would not be healthy anyway. When large group of people gather for some reason it is always temporary. Generally, people are scattered throughout local area, sectors, and regions, each individual or family living in autonomous residence.

That illustrates the type of society outer foreigners are living in.

The point is, for allowing us earthlings to understand the situation we need to place ourselves in their position. We need to try and grasp their very own perception, how they see things, what is their point of view. That perception or perspective is fashioned by culture and history. And this domain of consideration is called Ethnology: analyzing and comparing human (humanoid) cultures, social structure, language, system of thought, philosophy, technology, cultural anthropology, historical development, similarities and dissimilarities. This A.M.V.C. Model (described above) was elaborated by conducting logical deductions and inferences from decades of observations. Because, once we understand a little about their own point of view, we can understand why they draw Crop Circles, why they insert exotic-implants, why they perform aerial ballets in the sky (SkyShows), why they snoop around making themselves seen and recorded on camera, etc. We can even comprehend that the Betty & Barney Hill case was no coincidence at all. The Reticulians (people from Zeta 1 & 2) knew perfectly well Betty would not know about that particular pregnancy test, not before several years later. And they made sure she remembered the “stellar map” correctly. Close Operations and brief sightings are rarely the result of coincidence, like the vimana seen examining one of the WTC towers. And we know how fast he departed!
Why would we fear anything from them? Humanoid species that are "dangerous" are like Eartlings: they are being grounded by their own limitations!

We are encountering extremely intelligent people,
so much we never imagined!

We must try and understand the real circumstance.

This is the first thing we should do, as individual, if we want to have an idea about the real situation. Realistically speaking, in terms of rational logic and empirical methods, as per relying on observation, technological knowledge, and scientific notions.

The modern era of outer foreigners presence inside our planet atmosphere has begun around 1924 (see Marconi and Todd/Jenkins electromagnetic emissions and receptions), they were seen first over Scandinavia, northern countries, and Germany. We know for sure they have interacted with military pilots faking dog-fighting between 1939-45.

Soon this phenomenon will be a century old and practically no one is familiar with the actual realistic situation.

Simply look at outer foreigners as another ethnic that would be interesting to learn about!

At least, copy this and keep it for when your children will need it.


Outer Foreigners Vimana

I find it absolutely fascinating to analyze how the pilot is reacting and operating, by examining carefully the movements of the craft (vimana).

No doubt they are monitoring a large part of the sector while in flight, because they are responding to people utilizing a video camera (adjusted positioning). Often times they slow down and change course. When the event is more or less isolated and the subject/witness is calm enough, the pilot maneuvers the vimana toward the camcorder. More than that, they operate in function of what is in the viewfinder! The movements the craft makes shows clearly the pilot is able to actually see what the cameraman is seeing. To do that, one of their sensor-rays are tuned to the video signal inside the camera, between the CCD pick-ups and the viewfinder monitor. It picks up that signal and displays it on a screen inside the vimana for the pilot to look at it. With that, he can move his craft slowly to the left waiting for the witness to pan and follow. Then he does the same to the right.

Example (adjusted positioning):
See the video at the end of this text.

Moving very slowly or just standing there for minutes while being video recorded shows how much they are in control, they have the hand. Both takes showing them vessels accessing mass inversion state and disappearing to our visual senses (wavelengths) are certainly intentional. Like would do a movie director, they wait precisely the moment when the shot is perfect: not too far, not too close, in focus, the camera not oscillating, quite standard framing.

A laser beam is reflected by the topology of the site, or by any object. This could be utilized for mapping an area like our satellites are doing on planets. However, outer foreigners have much better means for that purpose. Depending on the changes in wave length to the reflected part of the beam (returned signal), they can be measuring components in the soil and vegetation. It is always difficult to discern what it is exactly they are probing and recording because we do not perform those types of operations. When the laser beam flashes bright on the camera lens, it means they are directly pointing at it. Again, they know they are being video recorded and they let us know that. This is a form of interaction!

Of course with their technology, they could avoid being spotted and always remain hiding or leave long before anyone comes near. Being perfectly aware outer foreigners are totally allergic to sudden unexpected occurrences, unforeseen outcomes, I do understand they have a natural tendency to control and to plan everything down for reducing the number of probabilities. Thus, the real video shots are voluntary contributions from their part.

Since real occurrences happen unexpectedly (on the witness part), the camera does not stand on a tripod. The image is severely unstable (even more when zooming very close). But the “object” itself is perfectly stable on the picture frame. The three (3) dimensional positions and environment: the Background (clouds) always remain behind the “object”, the Foreground (trees) always remain before the “object”, and therefore, the Object location is consistent. Because the “object” is a vessel, it has a Mass and an Inertia. Regardless what kind of propulsion is utilized, it has to struggle with the mass. This means a vessel can not stand nor translate at low speeds absolutely motionless. Especially while hovering. Constant adjustments has to be applied (compensations), no matter how small they are. Piloting these vessels is like operating a helicopter, which is inherently unstable, except theirs is done by computers. Therefore, the “object” oscillates slightly up and down, and to the sides. Because the camera is unstable (sadly), this is often times difficult to discern, though it is always there. Also, the vessel will bank a little right and left, and readjust regularly as if it was trying to stay horizontal on a needle. This attitude is very different than an object being suspended by a string (on the top), the oscillations would be inverted. The inertia is the tendency of an object (mass) translating to keep on moving in the same direction. It can be seen as a “resistance” to change its direction. A vessel at low speeds will show a curve as it is modifying its trajectory (turning) or its altitude (up and down). It will not invert suddenly its direction of translation. Translation at ultra-high speed is very different. And since it requires advanced technological details, lets only consider the transition from low to ultra-high speed, and vice versa. When a vessel suddenly changes to ultra-high speed from slow speed, it goes away in a straight line or a constant curve, and its size reduces correspondingly to the distance. The disappearing (fading out) of the vessel is very laborious to explain as well (mass polarity inversion). Lets only consider that there must be no alteration to the image (frames, pixels), like pasting and erasing. The pixels definition remains unaltered. And since the electromagnetic effects are affecting the camera pick-ups (CCD), it is adding to the confusion. [This is the reason why films (no CCD) are the best] Finally, the “faint halo” surrounding the object shows a rotating composition. I know what direction a current is going inside an electromagnetic field, this is pure physics, thus the rotation has to correspond with that. These five (5) elements are extremely difficult to simulate. Only huge complex computers (like those utilized in weather forecast) could model all these at the same time, in a manner that it would be practically impossible to sort it out. And these are not available to freaks (hoax creators)!

Video shots of real outer foreigner’s vimana and probe are very rare. Only expert’s eyes can spot those among the vast quantity of hoaxes. To the best of my abilities, only those I suggest here are presenting each and every characteristics to real outer foreigner vimana.

A- Display of presence (China):

B- Responding to a cameraman (Milan):

C- Observing (France):

D- Just being seen (Argentina):

E- Display of presence:

F- Responding to a camera (Texas):

G- Caught probing a site (Italy):

H- Playing with the cameraman (Glasgow):

I- Display of presence (Nan Jing):

J- Transiting (Sarajevo):

K- Surprising the people (Bosnia):

L- Examining a building:

M- Laser-Beam (2010):

Addenda -[DataJY]- © 2011.
Since several communications (email) have been questioning how such a vessel could be piloted, I am publishing here my general response to that (For more details, see: The A.M.V.C. Model; Electromagnetic Field Drive Vehicle section).

Vimana craft Controls.

From a pilot’s point of view experienced with both fixed-wings and rotary-wings aircrafts,
Understanding the inherent dynamics in the EM Field Drive mechanism (electromagnetic properties: attraction/repulsion) and considering Maxwell’s equations,
Considering Lieutenant Plantier’s description,
In accordance with numerous accounts from witnesses,
controlling a vimana craft is very similar to operating an helicopter.

Though basic principles are extremely different in their nature, both results are similar: the main propulsion force acts downward directly below the craft.

- The helicopter has horizontal blades (horizontal plane) and its clockwise rotation creates lift (pushing downward). The rotation of the blades (horizontal plane) is maintained at a particular speed, which does not change. Adjustment to the blade's angle of attack (AoA) modifies the strength of the lift (pushing downward) so the helicopter climbs up, holds level altitude, and descend. Changing the angle at which the horizontal blades are turning on the axis (its plane), its inclination or tilt determines the direction of translation to the craft. When the horizontal rotation plane tilts forward, backward, to the right or left, the helicopter moves to the same direction. Because of the inherent inverse rotation reaction on the craft from the horizontal blades turning at high speed (the craft tends to rotate counterclockwise), there is a set of blades positioned on a vertical plane (to the back) for compensation to this rotation reaction by adjusting the blade’s angle of attack. Also, adjusting these vertical rotating blades makes the helicopter turn right or left more precisely. Thus, there are three main controls: 1- The Lift (Collective, or up and down), 2- The Direction of translation (Cyclic, or direction by tilting the entire craft), 3- The Compensation to the counter-rotation (Anti-Torque or pitch of the tail rotor blades).

- The vimana (coil-like mechanism) has a circular particle accelerator (like a ring) around a central pole and rotation of particles creates a miniature magnetosphere that reacts with any local magnetosphere (repulsing: pushing downward). The speed of the particles in the accelerator must be constant (light speed, electricity) for maintaining the miniature magnetosphere. Because the repulsion force or effect (acting downward and pushing upward) is constant by definition, a Damper-screen is positioned below the vimana craft. It functions like a diaphragm in a camera, but its diameter is adjusted rather than its aperture. This Damper-screen is acting as an attenuator to the repulsion force, it reduces its effect (damping) where it is positioned. When the vimana craft is on the ground and the particle accelerator is powered, the Damper-screen is set to its wider diameter (below the craft) and its attenuating effect is the strongest, so the repulsion effect is totally suppressed. Reducing the Damper-screen diameter allows more repulsion effect outward (below), so the vimana craft lifts up. Maintaining this configuration makes the vimana hold altitude. Sliding the Damper-screen forward allows more repulsion effect backward, the entire vimana craft tilts toward the front and translates in that direction. Because the repulsion effect is not centered under the vimana anymore, the intensity directly below is weaker. For maintaining altitude, the intensity of the repulsion effect must be increased, so the Damper-screen diameter is reduced a little more for compensation (increasing the repulsion effect below the vimana craft). Maneuvering the Damper-screen diameter (degree of attenuation) and position (direction of repulsion) under the vimana craft allows to control its attitude and speed. Thus, there are two main controls: 1- The Lift (Damper-screen diameter, or up and down), 2- The Direction of translation (Damper-screen position, or direction by tilting the entire craft). Compensation to the counter-rotation (Anti-Torque) is not required. This mechanism is acting like a gyroscope, it makes the overall structure of the vimana craft (nose) follow the direction of translation. However it can be made to rotate on itself (yaw) independently.

The major difference between an helicopter and a vimana craft is the effect of movement (translation) being applied to the entire content of the vessel (matter, on the atomic level). Everything that is situated inside the repulsion effect (miniature magnetosphere or repulsion field) moves together. Whether it is the structure, the passengers, cargo or equipment and stuff, everything moves the same way at the same time. Therefore, there is no difference between the force of gravity (resulting from acceleration and deceleration) acting on the vessel and its content. Also, the vimana craft is entirely automated (computerized), very little “human input” is required.

The above explains the very basics. Vimana craft (coil-like vessel) has many more properties (physics and plasma physics) allowing for its complex versatility. Those are more technical, they are explained in Maxwell’s equations and other works referring to electromagnetism.

Outer foreigners vimana is an outstandingly intricate vehicle, and to realize all its capacities anyone would be totally mesmerized (beside all technical instruments it is equiped with). Personally, I have the utmost admiration toward that vessel and its designers.

On the other hand, I do consider the greatest technological achievement earthlings have ever made (before the computer) is the helicopter craft. Sikorsky's design was so advanced he had to wait 20/30 years for the industry being able to actually manufacture essential elements for constructing the helicopter. Though limited in speed, this craft is inherently made for humanism purposes. Number of lives the helicopter has saved is unmatched. This is one thing earthlings can be proud of.

-[DataJY]- © 2011.

What are they working on?

In addition to discharging flashes of light (light radiation), lately Outer Foreigners have been seen releasing "things" into the atmosphere. Some are streams or groups of spheres (acting like Brownian motion) and segments of material (Wiener Sausage), others look like flares.

What could these things be for?
Those "flares" are certainly producing a chemical reaction of some sort. The flare itself is a chemical reaction. What are they reacting with? Or why are they reacting? What is the result of that reaction? Are they sweeping the atmosphere in some ways?

-> Video <-